Monday, December 28, 2009

Since it is the end of the year, I am doing a double calendar special as this week's prize. There is a complete kit from Karen Foster, (papers, stickers & all) as well as component parts including another 12 x 12 blank calendar from assorted companies. Make these as gifts or use as diaries, or distress and alter and use in your art. Just leave me a comment at the end of the blog entry, and I will do a random drawing for the winner next week. Here is this week's had to see this coming!!...New Year's resolutions? Making them?...Breaking them?? ..Loving them...hating them...hiding them...yelling them from the rooftop??? Here is what I am doing...I am going to exercise this year...and I want everyone to ask me, every time they see me, how it is going??? and don't let me lie to you...I have been known to do that. Also, I want to get my art room to the point where I can do more than just walk to the desk...I want to know what is all know what I mean...the piles??
Also, and I hope my staff is reading this, I am determined to get my back office at the store organized and to keep it that way. We are going to have an online store soon, along with a vastly improved web I need to be ready to have a "mail center'" back there. . This list of "to do items" will easily take me all year to accomplish..who knows...I may even surprise, how about all of you?
Here is a cute project I made right after Christmas (note to self, start these things a little earlier next year)...but it could easily be adapted to other themes. I used the
Melissa Frances wooden frames, some vintage images, silver glass
glitter (on top of the white leaves,) Prima white leaves (sprayed two with Maya Road spray), crystals from 7Gypsies,and paper frill from Birds of a Feather. We have mini-frames, too, so I will try those next. (Photos show the front and back of the same ornament.)

Monday, December 21, 2009

This full set of Collage Press Joyride papers is this week's free prize, to be given to an entry chosen randomly from everyone who leaves a comment this week. I love to do wreaths so I am delighted with all the suggestions. Thanks, everyone.
Well, Christmas has come and gone for our family...the two oldest boys could only overlap their vacations last weekend, so that's when we did came, we ate, opened presents, played Scrabble tournaments, and had a lot of hugs (Unless we lost the scrabble game, then we just stormed off in a is the BEST!!) We will have a lovely meal on the 25th and I will spend the day reading...and perhaps making a few thank you cards...
Lots of exciting news as companies start to tell us store-owners what they will be releasing at the big CHA show in January...Tim Holtz has shown his twelve new colors of Distress ink, as well as mentioned that he will be coming out with a new Sizzix machine, and a whole line of dies that will complemente his style of stamping art. He will also have lots of new Ideology elements, too. Always fun to see what that guy does. I'll post more as I hear about it.
So, for this week's question: Do you use your computer at all in your art? If so, how did you learn to do it?
I scan photos and other pics and save them to my documents, I may print out some words I want to use...and I can probably use images from CDs that I have purchased to print out...and aside from the newsletter, I can't do too much else...would love to be able to edit photos, I think my computer has the ability, ...just do not know how...where do you all stand on this??

Monday, December 14, 2009

This week, we are giving away some Prima embellishments just in time for the holidays. Send in a comment in response to this blog entry, and we will do a random drawing to see who gets the prize.
The newsletter has an update on the BeadforLife trunk show we are doing, and it starts now. The store will open at 10 am, and the beads will be ready to view. Thank you all so much, ahead of time, for considering this very worthy cause. We all have so much and at this time of year our hearts want to open to those who have less. We will continue to support the BeadsforLife program with future trunk shows. We are happy to do mail order...just give us a call. 978-8887-6397.
Here is this week's question. What are some of the elements you would put on a wreath to decorate it for your front door? My answer?...this year I would wire on all sorts of art objects..embossing powder jars, pens, stamps, ink pads, etc...just to give me a smile every time I walk into the house. One year, I added GI Joe guys, lego pieces, and assorted other reflect where our family happened to "be" at the time. I really like to see "theme", got any ideas??
I just returned from a trip to AZ where I got to make some cool items...check them out in the newsletter. Also, because this is when we can get together, my family is celebrating Christmas on Friday evening, and Saturday, December 18 & 19. So, by this time next week, I will be done!!! Call me if you need me to wrap presents or bake a pie for you.

Monday, December 7, 2009

This week's prize is one roll of each style of the new Basic Grey wrapping paper...I think I may use some of mine in mini-book making. Just leave a comment on the blog, in response to this week's question, and I will do a random drawing for the gift wrap. Here's this week's question: Do you have a favorite family recipe to share with us--one that is especially good to pull out for holiday gatherings??? I need all the help I can get! I think we would would all love those great sweet recipes...but if you have a killer potato or roast beef that you want to share...go for it...cannot wait to hear what the responses will be...I did warn you last week, so you have had a bit of time to go up into the attic to find those great hand-me-down recipes!!
In the newsletter, I wrote that I just heard from the Beads for Life folks, that our trunk show will be here and ready to roll on Wednesday, December 16th...these beads are a great added little gift, great hostess gift, cool stocking stuffer..and don't forget those bags of beads for yourself!! I will be spending the rest of the week in Prescott, Arizona, at the feet of the master, Tim Holtz having fun and learning stuff...mostly just playing with ART!! Be sure to check out his "12 Tags of Christmas" on his are like taking a 12 day class with Tim himself.
We have a new employee here at the store, Kate Bartlett...I know..another Kate!!...does it get any better?? Come in and say hi to her sometime..also, please check to be sure she is actually working.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Here's the picture of this week's give-away, the winner of which will be randomly picked from someone who adds a comment below. It is a 3-pack of the Basic Grey paper ornaments (so that is 18 total, as I believe there are six per pack.) So get some friends together to make them, do them with your kids, or make one huge garland...also, there is some Martha Stewart glitter, two different greens , to add to the ornaments. And now, on to this week's question. It was fun to read about everyone's fantasy job last week...we had artists, poets, actresses, animal caregivers, wine tasters, archeologists, designers, Cinderella at DisneyWorld, and even a lunch lady! Here's to dreams coming true!
For this week, let's think about the holidays, in a nice and easy way. What are your "go to" colors for holiday cards and you stick with the basic red & green??...or go off the beaten path a bit???...and let's throw in your favorite embellishment, too. Here's my take--I definitely go with the basic red and green, as these are my favorite colors, but I do like a bit of distress ink to make it all look vintage...and my favorite embellishment is definitely glitter, the more the merrier! Now, let's hear from you...first-timers are very welcome to join in.
(Preview--next week-sweet treat recipes!!!)

Also, try to remember that we will be doing the trunk show for the "Beads For Life" program, at the end of December. I will post the exact date in the newsletter as soon as I know.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My eyes are still a little misty from reading all those Holiday memories... thank you to all of you who shared.
I want to let you all know that we are going to have an event to support the women in Uganda, many of whom are HIV positive, who are the beaders for the "Bead for Life" program. In the photo, you can see a necklace and some bracelets, made from paper beads. The women have started this business as a means to sustain themselves and their children, and the whole village. Stories about them can be seen on the website, from which I have taken this quote: " Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful beads, and people who care open their hearts,homes and communities to buy and sell the beads.The beads thus become income, food, medicine, school fees and hope. It is a small miracle that enriches us all."
We will be having a trunk show of these beads and jewelry pieces, here at the store. I tried to get it in time for holiday gifting, but I guess they were pretty busy. (I will do better next year!) Our trunk show will arrive here at the end of December. I will give the exact specifics when I receive all the items. I hope you will all want to come in and support this great cause. 100% of the price of the beaded items goes directly back to the Bead for Life organization. (This is not a money-generating event for the store.) One of the items that I know they sell is packages of loose beads. We're talking art supplies!!!
Now, here is a photo of the give-away in the random drawing this week for anyone who enters a comment in response to my question. It is a set of stamps and 2 chipboard sets from Maya Road, one of my favorite companies.
Here is the question: In your fantasy (don't worry, not going there..)what is your profession, and what are you doing with it? Here is my answer...It will probably surprise no one that in the deepest recesses of my heart I would love to be a rock star, singing up on stage...some outrageous wild knee-slapping songs, with a few heart-wrenching tear jerkers thrown in for good measure...but I wouldn't do all that club-hopping..I would be the first rock-star rubber stamper-altered artist...and I wouldn't forget all you little folks who knew me "when"...but do not, I repeat, do not call me to borrow money or get me to sing at your kids PTO spring fair..seriously, I don't really have the time for that, between running the store and being a rock star...what were you thinking?? So, c'mon...there must be some wild fantasies out there...who wants to get up on stage with me and do a duet???

Sunday, November 15, 2009


soooo..Zentangles..what are these crazy things that
seem to be dominating our schedules these days?? We
are all having so much fun with them. I will refer you
to the original website,
Be sure to keep it singular, instead of the word I have sent multiple people to a
neighborhood dating service by having that typo...I am lucky none of my customers has eloped with a crazy internet
weirdo...OK, maybe some of you have, but still, ...not completely my fault. Anyway, it is a new art form that anyone can do...really, is freehand drawing, purposeful lines, some cases it takes a little getting used to, but the patterns emerge, and cool, fun art is produced. In the process, though, you will find yourself completely absorbed in a very relaxing way, in the whole experience. Plus, its great for anytime you have to wait's office, car repair place, tattoo parlor, bank heist (in case you are driving the get-away car...but be careful. it can be very absorbing...and as your robber friends are making a mad dash for you and the car, you may be making a very complex design, and thinking, y'know guys, this just isn't a good time for me to stop drawing right now...I don't even want to think of the problems that will ensue at that point, so maybe hold off on the abetting a robbery, at least for now.) I carry my pen, pencil and shading tool, along with a small notebook, everywhere I go.
What to do with it? Definitely your choice. Add it to some of your current art endeavors, appreciate it on its own, like a well-loved watercolor scene, use it in your journalling, make jewelry, and other small objets de art (not quite sure on the spelling there...maybe getting too sophisticated for my own good.) In any case, we are just loving it here. I went away for a few days to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, learning at the feet of Maria & Rick, who developed this whole new world. Aside from meeting very talented people and being blown away by everything they had all done, I also learned quite a bit.
Check out this week's newsletter, as I have added another Class, "D." My mind is very busy these days preparing the advanced class, filled with lots of cool things. Here is a photo from one of the beginner classes...looks like everyone got the hang of it.

I am looking forward to putting our own little AE twist on it, by adding some Ranger Stickles, (along with Copic markers, as I did on the "three xmas trees" card... first I stamped the blank tree three times, then I added Zentangles to each section of the tree, after which I used the Copic markers and Stickles.) Distress Crackle, hardening gel and the UV lamp, die-cutting, inserting words, creating layers with foam tape...I could go on, but we need to pick a random winner for the blog prize. Go to the newsletter, to find out if it is you! Below is a photo of the
prize for this coming week,... a 12 x 12 calendar set, with stickers to help create a 2010 projecet.
It was great to see that we have all internalized some great advice. A huge thanks to everyone who gave us that advice!! Onward we go, with today's question: When you remember Christmases, or other winter holidays from your youth, what memory sticks out the most...a tradition, a trip, a certain gift, a certain person??? I have a couple:..We were never allowed to put up our tree until the evening of christmas eve...we didn't even buy it til the pickings at the lot were somewhat slim...but my dad had to have the biggest tree he always got one that was way too big to fit in our room...made sense that we would cut off a bit, right??...Well, he always cut off the top, so every year we ended up with a christmas trapezoid, filled with tinsel...but that baby was big!! I'll try to find some photos of some of them. Another memory...riding into NYC from the suburbs, to visit my most beloved Grandmother, Nana...she was like a saint, cozy apron, warm hugs, total acceptance, always on our side...we would ride a tiny elevator (the kind with the grated door that you have to pull sideways to close.)..up to the 6th floor, and enter her apartment, a very narrow, barely two bedroom place...but to us, it was heaven..we used to explore her bureaus, boxes under the beds, ...the old fridge always had bottles of coke, and of course, there were christmas cookies...her special recipe, that I still use to this day...the apartment was also very hot most of the time, so I remember sitting by a window, looking out into an alley, and feeling worlds apart from my real we all got older, into adolescence, this became more of a chore, and we would wistfully wish ourselves back home with all of our friends...but apparently the feelings of warmth and love I felt at those times when I was younger have lasted and are what I remember most.
OK, now its your turn.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank you soooo much to everyone who responded to the question-of-the-week..I am blown away by the good fortune that we are all able to see in our lives. It is so nice that, even in the midst of problems and pressures-of course, we all have some of those-we can see through it all to what is most important...and how similar we all are, in spite of many differences, in how we appreciate these wonderful elements of our lives. We are a lucky bunch! I don't know about you guys, but I am developing a sense of a small community here..we may not know each other by sight or name..and wouldn't necessarily know if we were even in the same room, but we are all sharing pieces of ourselves, sometimes lightly, other times in more depth. And I, for one, definitely appreciate the openness, and participation from all of really helps me feel more connected and it makes me think about other points of view...pretty cool. Check out the latest newsletter to see if you are the winner for last week's prize of the Martin Meyer Imports glitter.

Here's a quick little movie review for those of you that are into altered books and journals. The name of the movie is "1000 Journals." It is about a project where this one person sent out 1000 journals all over the world, and the story of what happened then...kind of fascinating. It turns out that Tracy Moore (of Teesha & Tracy fame) is in the movie. He's the teacher I had for that wild polymer clay journal I made with the 3-d face on the front. Cool to see him. Anyway, I got the movie through Netflix.
So here is this week's question: Tell us a great tip you learned in a class somewhere, or even just from someone else at some time, not necessarily in a class..a tip about technique, or style that has, in some, way, made a difference in your art. It can be specific or rules about your answers here. Here's mine-I was told, once, to just experiment, with my art supplies..not to wonder if I could do this or that, just to try it out and fail miserably, if that was to be the case, but, really, just to try everything...I have had some happy accidents, and a lot of miserable failures...and learned lessons from all of them. But mostly I have learned to experiment.

Here is a photo of the prize for this week's randomly-chosen winner. It is a template from Crafter's Workshop, a stamp designed by Tim Holtz (think it looks crazy??...use it and see how cool it is!!), a set of bling and some black glitter alphabets from Making Memories. Odd assortment??...I guess that's where the muse took me...see, I was experimenting!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I am not getting any sleep as I mull over all the birdcage ideas..hope you were as inspired as I was. Check out the newsletter to see who won! Here is this week's prize, donated to us by the great folks at
Martin Meyer Imports. It contains 11 packets of German glass glitter...many of you may already know, this type of glitter is my all time favorite,... in next week's blog, or sooner I will post some samples that I have made with it. Also, here is the link to this very cool has all sorts of items..esp. small stuff that we kind of folk like!!

So, here is this week's question:
It's November, and, aside from it being my birthday month, and therefore, my favorite month of the year, it is also coming up to Thanksgiving time...I have always thought that I would like to keep a thankfulness specific required entries, just what I am thankful for in my life, maybe just today, maybe for something in the any case, I thought I would bring this up before the time crunch for pie-baking comes upon here it is...What are you thankful for now in your life...feel free to mention up to about five different things, but one is enough, need to spill secrets, because, you know, I am a blabber! as general or detailed as you like...I will start off.
I am definitely thankful for (#1)my family, a husband who doesn't throw out all my "finds," "piles." and "collections," and also doesn't go into the Art room... and healthy and content (for the moment) kids...Also, (#2)for the opportunity to run the store...this has been one of the greatest joys in my life, having a great staff, and meeting so many great people...(#3) My own personal move toward a healthier life...not easy. (#4) My 90 year old Mom, who has always been a rock in my life....and (#5), Learning Zentangles!!! There are tons more...but that's what I have come up with. Let's hear from you.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have soooo enjoyed reading the comments from last week and seeing how everyone is doing such wonderful and different projects--very inspiring!! Here is a look at the prize for next week's randomly chosen blog is one of the new calendars for 2010 that Stampington has put out...a little bit of inspiration for each month!! Its title is Somerset Life, not Somerset Lite.

The winner for last week's entries has been announced in the newsletter...go there to see if maybe it was you...Here is the Question for this week (also, I opened up the comments area for "anonymous" repliers...but I would be delighted if you would let me know who you are.!! Anyway...the Question:
What do you think are some good ways to embellish a bird cage..any size...This is really a fantasy project...just share your thoughts. Here are some of mine...I would definitely add some of those long Prima floral stems along the corners, with some extra velvet leaves thrown in...maybe I would make a few felt birds to hang on wire perches inside...and possibly a nest of some sort, maybe out of a combo of wire and twigs..will have to give this more thought, and who knows, after I hear from all of you, maI will actually make one!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I forgot to post this photo in my latest newsletter, but this is a great book that has just come in...lots of great tips and iinspirations...
Right now I am working on my samples for the Christmas album-in-a-day, the 12 Books ofChristmas in a box, and the 12 days of Christmas printers tray...also we are celebrating our family christmas on Dec 19, as that is when all the kids , all four, can be honestly??...on Dec. 20, I am ready to move on...maybe I will start shopping for next year...
This is the prize for the person who is chosen randomly from
this week's group of respondents. Just post an answer to the
and your entry will be entered to win. Here is the question... Describe your most memorable art project, collage, scrapbook, set of cards, etc...whatever it was, tell us about it.
OK, technically, that is not a question, but let's just say it is.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The winner of the Tim Holtz stamp set is posted in the newsletter...go there to find out who it is...and for this week, we have the following prize:It is six sheets of SEI's new Moravia paper, along with a set of grungeboard, dotted, and no longer being, last chance to get this cool stuff. Here is this week's question: Describe where you keep your art supplies...a room?...a closet? your pocket?...and what is your favorite storage secret to share with us? Thanks for playing.
So, here's something that came into the store and blew out before we even knew what was happening...the printers' trays from 7Gypsies...they are all out of them, as are all the other suppliers in the country, I, we have a whole bunch on order, and they will arrive around the end of October. If you want to start getting your project ready for these neat frames, each section measures 2 3/4 x 3 3/4, so I trim all my paper to fit inside by coming down just hair off
of those measurements, not even a full 1/16...or maybe it is, but, really, not very much. There are 12 frames in each tray...We did them up as a calendar, using the Maya Road new calendar sets, and we also did this cool Christmas scene, using the new Webster's Pages paper. For the calendar tray, I also added a small postage stamp from the Crafty Secrets "all-year" set of embellishments--it has something for every month, and we used the postage edger scissors to make it look like a stamp.
So, I am thinking, 12 days of Christmas, linking two together for an advent calendar, family photos, winter scenes--lots of crystally snow just begs to be decorated. If you would like to reserve one (or three) of these neat items, which are $15.99, feel free to call the store and put your name on the list. We are keeping a "reserved item" list for these.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Doing it a little differently today because I couldn't get onto the blog earlier when the newsletter was going the winner this week (randomly generated, numer 6) is an anonymous person...who said "I collect flipflop decos of anykind anyone who knows me knows i am a flip flop nut, I also collect pens pink ones mostly but they have to write smoothly, i would have to say i collect pocket books and shoes or is that more of a fetish i collect lenox ornaments ,snowmen,

I have posted a photo of next week's prize in the newsletter, along with this week's is what I wrote..."So...suddenly, I have a technology glitch..cannot get ot my blog I am posting next week's prize and question here for now, and I will get it onto the blog as son as I can. Here is the prize: it is a set of the new Tim Holtz Christmas stamps, unmounted. And here is the question: What are you reading right now?? and can you give us the names of 3 or 4 books you have really loved and would recommend to all...(see, I always add more than just a simple question...) I'll post my own answer on the to see what everyone else says...just post a response at the bottom of the blog entry (once I get it going again) and I will randomly choose, by entry number, a winner for the stamp set. " Now, here is my answer...right now, reading Sarah's Key, for my book group ( we read The Help last month...also good)...all time favorites would have to be One Hundred Years of Solitude ( a little hard to get into, but well worth it)..also, A Prayer for Owen Meany, and probably #1--East of Eden...Now let's hear from you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thanks to all for those great blog and website tips that any of you sent in as responses to last week's "Question."...I will be checking them all out... I did a random draw for last week's posted prize of the Halloween stamps...the winner's name is in the newsletter, so you will need to read it there to find out if you won!! Here is the photo of this week's alphabet Grungeboard set from Tim Holtz' collection...there are nine different fonts of every them, emboss them, go crazy...(Honestly, can you really ever have enough alphabets??)... so, here is the question this week: What do you collect, how many do you have, and where do you get it (them) from...please don't include the following: rubber stamps--we all collect them!, papers, ditto...unless any of the aforementioned objects is unique in some which case, we will definitely need sources!! Also, if you missed commenting on last week's question about blogs or websites, feel free to add a little bit about them, as we all love to look at "stuff."
Here is my answer to the question ahead of time. I collect hands, wings, crowns, skeletons, wooden printers block letters in large form, glass glitter, and a few things I am forgetting...mostly I get them all from ebay, which I go to in spurts...cannot spend time there every day or I will get nothing maybe I look once a month or so. Now, your turn...
Just FYI...something I have been making lately...
Here is a photo of a Maya Road house, done up in Anna Griffin gingerbread paper, with red beaded fringe (we will sell by the half yard,) and a neat little white applique piece on the door that I used alcohol ink all over. In the other picture, which shows the opposite side, I did a paper medallion, which I recently learned from Lynette Carroll (she will be doing classes here Oct. 24 & 25.) It is one of my newest favorite techniques.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Win these stamps! Here is a photo of the prize for this coming week's blog comment
random drawing . Just go to the comment area at the bottom of this post and join in. This week question is... What are your favorite blogs for art inspiration?
Please post the web address of three of your favorite blogs that you keep up with NOT include this one!! Here are some of my favorites: ,
It's OK if you put down any that are mentioned by other people...feel free to add any extras as a resource for everyone who reads this

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now I remember...

...where I found that great quote/idea about what six places would you take someone someone here mentioned to was right here on the AE blog, in Erica's response to the question about a quote...that's the beauty of getting older...there are so many more surprises in the world!! Check the post below for this week's question.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late. " That is my contribution to the quote/mini book idea...I am thinking abut using the images of hands, stars, snowflakes, time/clocks...some of my favorite images...who knows, maybe it will turn up as a class at AbsolutelyEverything!!
Anyway...remember in the last post, I told you about that pumpkin punch...turns out it was last year's special edition from Fiskars and they have no if you find it anywhere, you are very lucky!!
The winner from last week's quote response was generated using the system., and the name is announced in this week's newsletter. (if you need to sign up for the newsletter, there is a place to do that on this main blog page, along the left hand side.)
So, here is this week's question. It is more personal, and will require some thought and pondering...I saw it somewhere on someone's blog..wish i could take the credit but I love the concept, so I am borrowing it. This could definitely become a mini-book. Here's the big Q!
"If you had to tell someone about yourself, who you really are, by taking them to six different places, where would you go?" I will definitely be throwing my two cents in here with my answer, but I will have to give it some thought first. (I may even be including a bit of the Why? that place? in my response...hmm...could get a bit long...feel free to skip the boring parts.) Thank you to whomever it is out there in blogville who first had this idea. I tried it last night with my family and it generates a great conversation.
Feel free to answer with as much detail or as little, playfully or seriously, in depth or whatever is the opposite of that...I already know that I have to put my summer camp on the list...14 summers...of heaven!! Here is the a photo of the newest prize package...more Halloween papers and embellishments...
I have a few cool ideas for some cards...I will try to get those photos and directions up this week...keep an eye out for them.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Cool Discovery

Something very cool I just discovered...
the Fiskars scissor-like punch of the
1 1/2 inch pumpkin is the perfect shape
and size to punch out the pumpkins from
the "pumpkin patch" paper from My Minds Eye...The first
photo shows the sheet of paper, with the punch, the second photo shows some punches in a project (OK, Fine, it is one of the make-and-take free projects for this forced it out of me...note to self--do not become a spy.) Even though some of the printed pumpkins are larger than the punch, it still comes out perfectly!! I feel like Magellan, the discoverer, standing on the brink of the Fountain of Youth...or whatever he was discovering, or Madame Curie, as she discovered, do not use me as a source for any of your term papers...really!

Thank you to everyone who is participating in the blog question of the week. I love reading all the answers, and I am actually taking notes on all of them. I hope, over time, that everyone gets a chance to win!!
Here is this week's new question...What is your favorite quote that you would use as a theme for a can tell me one or two would also be great if you tell us who said/wrote it...put your thinking caps on!!
..and here is a photo of the prize that will be awarded to

someone who posts an answer here, chosen by the number generating system. It is some papers and a bunch of cool Halloween embellishments from KI Memories. You gotta play to win, so leave me a comment in the "comment" area under the blog entry and tell me how you would answer this week's question .
I have some great go-to books for quotes, so I will find few that I like and post them also in the comments..and, no, I will not let myself win, darn it.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I just sent the newsletter out...if you are not receiving it...seriously, give it a few minutes!!...then you can sign yourself up for it by going to the website,, and you will see that it is under construction...go to the link to the old website...go to the "news" page (across the top are the choices), and you will be able to add yourself to the newsletter list. I announce the winners of each week's prize on the newsletter, and I show the prize and ask the question here...just to keep you all awake!
So, I am just back from Creative escape in Arizona...yes, I know it is a dry heat, but , really??, so is my oven...I have tons of ideas for holiday and halloween and fall projects...just waiting for all the raw supplies to get here...but I will get started this week on a few of them...all will be revealed on Saturday, Sept. 12 at our "Gala" event, the Holiday Open House...we will have free make-&-take projects, while our supplies last, as well as a raffle for one of three great gift large, two a bit smaller...everyone who comes into the store may enter, and extra entries are available for each $20 purchase...sometimes at these events we all get so excited that we give away something we weren't planning on...well, yes, that happens...anyway, come in your holiday garb if you like...unless it is 100 degrees out (oh, wait, that's Arizona)...we will crank up the AC to get us in the mood...if we can find them , we may even have the holiday songs on...the theory being that it is never too soon to get started on holiday cards and gifts...remember last year, on Christmas eve, you were up til 2 am finishing that project??? Not this year!! that's what we're here get you in the mood and energized for the coming season, and to get you prepared to do it all, just like the tortoise...slow & steady,...with a few squeals of delight as you see all the NEW stuff!!! Do remember to join us here on Saturday, Sept. 12, 10 am sharp!!

So, here is the ""Question of the Week."
What is your personal style?? By this I mean, what do you gravitate toward naturally when you think about making a card, scrapbook page, altered book, artist playing card, wall hanging...any special colors or materials??

I will tell you all a secret about my personal scrapbooking...please don't let my family know about this (I think I may have mentioned this to a few people so far...) I have scrapbooks filled with great papers and embellishments, and i never contaminate them with family photos , or vacation photos, etc...nope, I want to be able to open my books and look at the papers and embellishments, and really reminisce..."oh, remember when we got this paper??" or "this embellishment is soooo cool, and I bought the last four that the store had"...seriously great memories!!...and, yes, I will admit, at moments, there are a few tears...but, really, that's what scrapbooking is all about, isn't it?? Leave me a message, answering my questions, and you will be entered to win, by using the number generator, the prize pictured at the top of this is a set of papers and quotes from QuickQuotes, as well as one of the newest Maya Road mini clear keychains...can you see it in the photo? is the owl set. Winner will be announced in next week's newsletter. Talk to me!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travelling to Arizona...

Well, being 3 weeks post-op from my final foot surgery, and unable to drive (to work!!...of course, that's the only place I go!!)...I decided that going to the Creative Escape in Arizona was the next best thing I could do. So, of course, this trip had to include a visit to the Bazzill Basics Paper headquarters...see the photos above...
So, in honor of my trip and the wonderful people at Bazzill, this week's prize will be a pack of cool Bazzill stuff, as you can also see in the picture...

This cool stuff will be randomly awarded to one of you who sends an answer to my weekly question. You can enter your answer in the "comments" section at the end of this post. Here's the question...
Is there a stamp company or scrapbook company that we currently do not carry but that you would like to see us carry? ( I know, there isn't much more room in the store but I want to be sure I am not missing a crucial company!!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

New-a Weekly Question and Give-away

Hey all, I am starting a little something new here. Each week I will pose a question to all of you...feel free to answer in the comment section below. I will be randomly choosing a winner from all the responses, to receive a pre-chosen treat for that week. This week the question is: "What sort of classes would you like to see us teach...more of a project, or more of a technique? Do you have stuff you don't know how to use, or want to use in a different way?? (this is all part of the same question, I know, I am cheating a little...) Want to know who won? You will need to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, which goes out on Mondays. The winner will be announced there. To subscribe, go to to the new link to the old website...find the "news" page along the top, and subscribe from there (really, it will get easier...I am under construction everywhere??)
If none of that works, e mail me at, and I will add you to the newswletter list.

We have just settled with Jenni Bowlin to be here for National Scrapbook day, to teach two classes on that Saturday, May 1, I beleive. And, Nathalie Metevier, from Magenta returns for two classes on October 3rd.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Orlando Adventure

No one told me that it would be hot in Orlando in the middle of time I will definitely have to check with the Chamber of Commerce....anyway...lot's happening down here...I had a class the other day with our old friend Marah Johnson, and she has agreed to return to AE for classes over the weekend of November 21-22,...very cool!!
Also, we have another teacher visiting at the beginning of November, Lynette Carroll. You can go to to check out Lynette's style. She has quite a following and is one of the featured teachers at the Creative Escape in Arizona at the end of August. Her classes here will be over the weekend of November 7-8. So, save the dates for these two great teachers!!
My favorite booths so far have been Graphic 45, Maya Road, Ranger, of course, Creative Imaginations, Nunn Designs, Little Yellow Bicycle, Basic Grey, Pink Paislee, Webster's Pages, Penny Black, Hambly, ...I could go on but it becoming very clear to me that I am spending waaaaaay too much money...
Here are a few pictures from the trip...will keep posting them for awhile, as I have taken about're patient, right???
Sizzix new die for a pop-up candle card, Maya Road mittens, and the newest colors in the Ranger Ultra-Thick Embossing Enamel..Christmas red & green...Sweeeeeet!!

Wendy Vecchi's new book will be here shortly. It is filled with the samples you saw in the store when Stampers Anonymous was here, and there are lots of photos and is like a class just to look at it...very cool...great job, Wendy!!! The cardinal is a new image from Penny Black...

Stay tuned for updates!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I am off today to cool and quiet Orlando, Florida, for the CHA buying show. I will post updates, as best I can given my camera and computer expertise...(that is me lowering the bar!). I definitely have all the cords, chargers, connectors, etc...the question is, will I know what goes where???
Anyway, Halloween stuff is starting to arrive in the store...we have lots of the newest Martha Stewart punches and paper sets in now.
Also, all past holiday and Halloween stuff is on sale, 40% off...none of the new stuff is included in this sale, but I think that stands to reason...we are making room for the new stuff. But the good news is that the 40% off of the current selection is a great deal, and we have some neat papers and embellishments, especially if you have to make lots of copies and multiples of a the upcoming newsletter (which can also be viewed here after it comes out, thank you, Jazz! -my computer guru) for a special sale that will begin on Friday, July 31..think day-after-thanksgiving style stamps for $1, $2, $3...and more!

I will be repeating my Christmas Album-in-a-Day Class sometime in October or November, as well as the holiday shopping I will be planning those projects down at the show...I have done some pre-orders, and we have already received a bunch of the newest Prima flowers and papers...more new stuff may even arrive while I am gone...

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Quick Peek at the Stampers Anonymous and Art Gone Wild Set-up at AE

When a whole bunch of women, all of whom work at a rubber stamp store, day in, day out, start hyperventilating over a display of rubber stamps, it has got to be something special...that is the only way to describe my staff today as they looked into the our classroom ...we have been taken over by pod people, if by pod people you mean Ted & Michelle Cutts, owners of Art Gone Wild and Stampers Anonymous stamp companies.

We have replaced all the tables in the classroom with an entire other store...see photo below....notice how the staff is aleady fighting each other over the stamps...

We have lots of Tim Holtz' and Wendy Vecchi's samples form the Carson Rubber Stamp Show here, all made with the new images..and we have lots of Michelle's samples of her Art Gone Wild cards, waterfall cards, and spinning circle cards, as well as tiny books, and mini-boxes. Pictured below are some samples of the card you can make in tomorrow's class with Michelle, at 2 pm. Cost is $14. As you turn the circle on the left, the massage in the open window changes. As you can see in the right hand photo, there are a ton of samples with each set of stamps...

Here is the rack of the latest Tim Holtz images on wood mounts ...

and all the unmounted sets, which are on cling cushion, ready for your acrylic blocks...

We have many, many samples that were made last week by these two talented artists. The sample on the left is from one of Wendy Vecchi's new, is she a talented artist...and the photo on the right is a sample done by Tim...again great design..the heart is covered with Glossy Accents, too...Come in and see lots more samples!!!

We are open until 8 pm tonight...tomorrow we are open with this great show from 10-5 pm. Ted will do a class at 1 pm, for an hour, $16, and you get to choose a stamp to keep from a selection he will have for the class, as well as make a few tags, using different techniques. Michelle's spinning circle class, $14 is at 2 pm.

Honestly, I am not really sure I am going to let these guys leave. The classroom has never looked so good!