Monday, August 31, 2009

I just sent the newsletter out...if you are not receiving it...seriously, give it a few minutes!!...then you can sign yourself up for it by going to the website,, and you will see that it is under construction...go to the link to the old website...go to the "news" page (across the top are the choices), and you will be able to add yourself to the newsletter list. I announce the winners of each week's prize on the newsletter, and I show the prize and ask the question here...just to keep you all awake!
So, I am just back from Creative escape in Arizona...yes, I know it is a dry heat, but , really??, so is my oven...I have tons of ideas for holiday and halloween and fall projects...just waiting for all the raw supplies to get here...but I will get started this week on a few of them...all will be revealed on Saturday, Sept. 12 at our "Gala" event, the Holiday Open House...we will have free make-&-take projects, while our supplies last, as well as a raffle for one of three great gift large, two a bit smaller...everyone who comes into the store may enter, and extra entries are available for each $20 purchase...sometimes at these events we all get so excited that we give away something we weren't planning on...well, yes, that happens...anyway, come in your holiday garb if you like...unless it is 100 degrees out (oh, wait, that's Arizona)...we will crank up the AC to get us in the mood...if we can find them , we may even have the holiday songs on...the theory being that it is never too soon to get started on holiday cards and gifts...remember last year, on Christmas eve, you were up til 2 am finishing that project??? Not this year!! that's what we're here get you in the mood and energized for the coming season, and to get you prepared to do it all, just like the tortoise...slow & steady,...with a few squeals of delight as you see all the NEW stuff!!! Do remember to join us here on Saturday, Sept. 12, 10 am sharp!!

So, here is the ""Question of the Week."
What is your personal style?? By this I mean, what do you gravitate toward naturally when you think about making a card, scrapbook page, altered book, artist playing card, wall hanging...any special colors or materials??

I will tell you all a secret about my personal scrapbooking...please don't let my family know about this (I think I may have mentioned this to a few people so far...) I have scrapbooks filled with great papers and embellishments, and i never contaminate them with family photos , or vacation photos, etc...nope, I want to be able to open my books and look at the papers and embellishments, and really reminisce..."oh, remember when we got this paper??" or "this embellishment is soooo cool, and I bought the last four that the store had"...seriously great memories!!...and, yes, I will admit, at moments, there are a few tears...but, really, that's what scrapbooking is all about, isn't it?? Leave me a message, answering my questions, and you will be entered to win, by using the number generator, the prize pictured at the top of this is a set of papers and quotes from QuickQuotes, as well as one of the newest Maya Road mini clear keychains...can you see it in the photo? is the owl set. Winner will be announced in next week's newsletter. Talk to me!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travelling to Arizona...

Well, being 3 weeks post-op from my final foot surgery, and unable to drive (to work!!...of course, that's the only place I go!!)...I decided that going to the Creative Escape in Arizona was the next best thing I could do. So, of course, this trip had to include a visit to the Bazzill Basics Paper headquarters...see the photos above...
So, in honor of my trip and the wonderful people at Bazzill, this week's prize will be a pack of cool Bazzill stuff, as you can also see in the picture...

This cool stuff will be randomly awarded to one of you who sends an answer to my weekly question. You can enter your answer in the "comments" section at the end of this post. Here's the question...
Is there a stamp company or scrapbook company that we currently do not carry but that you would like to see us carry? ( I know, there isn't much more room in the store but I want to be sure I am not missing a crucial company!!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

New-a Weekly Question and Give-away

Hey all, I am starting a little something new here. Each week I will pose a question to all of you...feel free to answer in the comment section below. I will be randomly choosing a winner from all the responses, to receive a pre-chosen treat for that week. This week the question is: "What sort of classes would you like to see us teach...more of a project, or more of a technique? Do you have stuff you don't know how to use, or want to use in a different way?? (this is all part of the same question, I know, I am cheating a little...) Want to know who won? You will need to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, which goes out on Mondays. The winner will be announced there. To subscribe, go to to the new link to the old website...find the "news" page along the top, and subscribe from there (really, it will get easier...I am under construction everywhere??)
If none of that works, e mail me at, and I will add you to the newswletter list.

We have just settled with Jenni Bowlin to be here for National Scrapbook day, to teach two classes on that Saturday, May 1, I beleive. And, Nathalie Metevier, from Magenta returns for two classes on October 3rd.