Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Penny Black's New Holiday Release

I am getting into the Holiday spirit with the new Penny Black release. The catalog alone is like a course in card design. They have such talented artists at Penny Black.   I really love that torn page look in the first card: you can use so much with it. (It is a die.)
The poinsettia was colored with Copics...such a flexible system!!  Not sure how to use them?? I am happy to give a quick one-on-one lesson whenever I am in the store...just ask !!

This card couldn't be simpler, and is so easy to adapt to any type of stamp set. The word is one of their new dies.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gelli Printing at AE
We have had two introductory classes so far, using these great Gelli Arts printing plates. It is tons of fun, with lots of experimenting going on as you learn.  We have been using the Dina Wakely heavy body acrylic paints, the Golden paints, the Deco Arts Americana paints, and the Tim Holtz Distress paints, as well as the Splash Inks. All of these paints are great, and there are more items we are adding to use with the Gelli plate.
The gel plates come in assorted sizes: 6x6 was the first, then 8x10 was added. Recently they have come out with a 12 x 14, for big prints, and an 8-inch round plate. The plates are a very sturdy quality and will last a very long time, when stored properly. We will teach you all about them in our class series.
Recently we have gotten in new stencils, some textured rollers, and texture plates, as well a lots more brayers. In the upcoming Intro classes, we will be making mini Art Journals with all the prints we make.  Future classes will include work on canvas, resist prints, crazy envelopes, and large size printing.

So far, the following classes are on the schedule:
Thursday, June 26-Intro to Gelli Printing, 11am-3:30pm  $44
We will use stencils and plates...everyone will receive a 6x6 gelli plate in class to take home, and we will make a mini Art Journal with our prints, with a bit of embellishing the book at the end of class.
Also, great news, the company is now making the plates in small sizes, 3.5 x 5 inches, and a 5 x 7 size...and, yes, they are on the way to the store now!!

Gelli Plates--Beyond the Print ,  Tuesday, July 8, 10am-1pm,  $45 ($35 for anyone who took the Intro and brings their plate)  Class includes a 6x6 Gelli Plate to use in class and take home.
We will be making some very cool resist prints, and clear prints, as well as crazy envelopes
. In addition, there will be a station with a large Gelli Plate and everyone will get a turn using this big style plate.

Gelli Printing Art Canvas Sunday, July 20, 1-4pm,  $40 (or $30 if you bring a gelli plate from a previous class)
Using our knowledge of the Gelli Plate, we will be creating 2 canvases, and then embellishing these with our paints and brushes. Each student will receive a Gelli Plate to keep. Wear an apron, and bring your acrylic paints, two brushes,  (a 1/2 flat, and a #8 or 10 round, or in this vicinity) A cup for water, a brayer

Intro to Gelli Plate Printing-Saturday, August 9, 11-3:30
Gelli Plates-Beyond the Print--Thursday, August 14, 10am-1pm

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's official, we are closed tomorrow, Friday, January 3, due to snow and storm. we expect to be open on Saturday...hoping you all stay safe.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Anna Dabrowska, "Finnabair," Coming to AE

Saturday and Sunday, January 18 and 19, 2014
We are so excited to be able to host Anna Dabrowska, a fantastic and talented mixed-media artist. Anna teaches all over the world, and designs for numerous companies. She will be doing an all-day workshop on Saturday, and two half-day classes on Sunday. I will post more about her in future newsletters, but wanted to get this info out to you, in case, anyone might give you these classes for a christmas present!!  (Could there be a better present?)

The saturday class is a combination class.

Price: 220$ per student (including kit)

Grungy Spell Book - Mixed media altering class (with creating heavy texture, spraying, using gels, metallic paints...and more!)

Journals are not only about pages – altering the cover of the book is an important part of the creative process, making the frame, closing (or opening?) the composition. Cover should reflect the owners emotions and personality as well as the book's content – which is a great reason to try some inspiring techniques and create something unique, magical and 100% fun.

During this class I'll tell you about my ideas for journaling, and share my ideas how to alter a raw journal to get appealing and durable mixed media cover based on a bunch of my favorite techniques such as creating texture with gels and stencils, grungy embellishments and found objects, painting and spraying. I'll show you different effect you can get using media such as pigments, acrylic paint and common soft pencils together with multipurpose glues or varnish.

After the class you will have your own art journal which will reflect your taste and a big dose of inspiration: I'll do my best to share my experience, give tips and I'll try to convince you to leave traditional, conventional thinking and go more bold and artsy. It is possible you will be surprised what you can do with medias and tools which you already have in your kit or at home!

Class time: about 4 h

continued with:

Spell Book Pages - mixed-media techniques for journalers and scrapbookers!

During this full-lenght class I'll share with you some of my journal projects and a bunch of my favorite techniques based on using masks, stamps, embossing and layering.

Together we will create different texturized background gathering information about using such mediums as heavy gel, gesso, pigments, sprays and embossing powder. We will focus on techniques useful both for journalers and scrapbookers tips and non-conventional ideas such as using thread or tea builiding 3 double, technique-packed pages- all with a touch of grungy, artsy style.

This class is one big creative, messy fun! You may be surprised what you can do with the supplies you probably already know... or you never thought about before... Let yourself play and think outside the box – why not? 
This is an all day class incorporating the two sessions. Please see the list of supplies that each student will need to bring. It will be in the next newsletter.

Then, on Sunday, Anna has two more classes.

The first class, at 9 am, is called "Imagine."
Price: 110$ per student (including kit)
- Mixedmedia Canvas Class (with fabric, gel mediums, gesso, glitter sprays ...and more!)

Do you want to create really artsy, dimensional and grungy collage, but you don’t have “suitable supplies?” That is not a problem! The most important thing in creative proces is using imagination. We are surrounded by inspiring objects, which we can use for creating art of different kinds. Try to look around – and you’ll find real treasures in your own house! Remember there are no boundaries: you may give as much or as little elements as you want, you may use medias, paint and inks…and whatever comes to your mind too! Don’t be afraid to mix and blend and let your imagination free – it is pure fun!

During this workshop I will guide you to create your own mixed-media canvas, including my favorite set of embellishments and textures, colored with my favorite paints and mixed-media products. I’ll demonstrate possibilities of mixing different supplies such as gesso, gel medium, spray paint, scrapbooking embellishments and found objects to get layers, details and unique, grungy look on your project.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced students (really!) – let’s get our fingers dirty together!
This is a four-hour class. There is a list of supplies that students should bring and it will be in the next newsletter.

 Everyday Treasures is the second class on Sunday. It starts at 2pm, and is a 4 hour class.

- Mixed-media shadowbox class with lots of techniques including gel mediums, inks, paint and more! Great fun with found objects and pure creativity.

We are surrounded by inspiring objects: at work or at home, in the city and in the countryside – there are things which are usually not visible for us…they are too common, too plain to be noticed. But try to look around, open your eyes wider – I’m sure you’ll find real treasures all around you, and all of them have their own stories which want to be told! Take a second look in the drawer, check your attic, search through the wardrobe…or visit the flea market – the possibilities are endless and your creativity will amaze you – just give the chance to yourself and the little everyday treasures fthat may look so plain in the first moment!

There are no boundaries in creating mixed media projects: you may give as much or as little elements as you want, you may use medias, paint and inks…and whatever comes to your mind too! Don’t be afraid to mix and blend and let your imagination free – it is pure fun!

During this workshop I’ll try to convince you that beauty can be found everywhere – and it is waiting to be discovered. I’ll guide you to create your own mixed-media shadowbox, based on my favorite layering techniques and choice of embellishments, colored with a wide range of color products. I’ll demonstrate possibilities of mixing different medias like gel mediums, paint, ink, scrapbooking supplies to get interesting layers and details on the unique grungy project.

This workshop is suitable both for beginners and advanced crafters.

Price: 110$ per student (including kit) I will be posting links to Anna's website, and photos for each class in the newsletter. registration opens now, Please call the store to register. We do not take e mail registration.

Friday, December 13, 2013

AE Tag Swap 2013---it was Terrific!!

Here are the pics of most of the was a crazy day,. and I took the photos as the tags were being given's called planning ahead!!  I apologize for the poor photography, and I know I missed a few, also sorry for that... but I hope this will give you a feel for the great tags we received...thank you to everyone who played along with us...we will definitely do this next year!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

I am delighted to say that we are once again working with the Beads For Life organization.
There are groups of women in Uganda making these paper beads all year, as a way to support themselves, their families, and their villages. This year, the Beads for Life group has created these great ornaments,  filled with handmade paper beads, in a really nice finish. Each ornament is really filled to the brim with the beads, and you can leave the beads in the ornament,  as a holiday decoration, or use them to create more ornaments, or other hanging embellishments.

Each ornament is $10, and all of this money goes to the Beads for Life organization. The store gets none of it, so it is total donation. Also, this makes a unique and great gift for your artsy friends. If you are interested but don't live nearby, we will do mail order. Please call the store for this. 978-887-6397. As we run out, we are re-ordering, so please shop early if it is a holiday gift.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Halloween "Book" with Richele Christiansen

 I am following Richele Christiansem's blog,
to re-create her great Halloween configuration box. When you see it on her blog, you will realize how cool it is. She started on Monday of this week, and so far (I am writing on Thursday) there have been two lessons. In the first one, we cut the front of the book in the shape of a rickety house, as designed by Tim Holtz--Richele has a link to the pattern--and painted the box. In the second session, we covered the inner boxes...again, Richele has all the dimensions and directions...
I think when the project is broken up like this it is very doable. I will keep adding to mine and you can see the progress in the store...and who knows, maybe I'll even get more pics up here.