Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some of the new items in the store...

I want to show you a few of the newest items in the store this week. First up are the newest dies in from Sizzix. You can make those great "fortune cookies"...give everyone one as a place card at the holiday table. The other die in the top pic is a mini-pizza box, which can be filled with gift tags...!! Pop a big poinsettia on top of that baby, and you are the hit of the party!!

These are some of the seasonal dies from "Susan's Garden, great holly, pinecones and leaves, and, yes, the picture is sideways...just for extra fun...
               These flowers are just in from Petaloo...perfect for adding to any holiday project.
 With Joanne Sharpe arriving this week, we are putting the Tombow markers on sale at 30% off, starting tomorrow, Monday, through Saturday of her class.. There are still places in her class for the all-day Saturday...check here for all the info.

 I have a class planned for a color wheel session, so I have brought in the Neocolor ll crayons and I am creating a kit of 14 colors for each student. We will be making assorted color wheels. Additionally, I did bring in two other colors, Salmon, and flesh, perfect for journal faces and skins, and they are available individually. The copying pencil, as seen in a recent video, has also arrived.
 Below, you can see the above mentioned crayons and pencil, along with all the current colors of the               Stabilo All pencils.

I am kind of excited to try this new paper, is a synthetic paper, and has different properties than regular papers. I have it in full, large sheets, about 22 x 30, I am guessing, plus a few of these smaller pads. My advice for now is to google it and see what people are doing with it...or try Pinterest..there is a lot there and it is very cool.
The grey palette paper pad was suggested by Pam Carriker, ( I know, our names rhyme!...just don't get tired of saying this!) who told us that the colors will show a bit more truly, plus you can see the white, and there is no glare. I have liked using it, especially to be able to see my white crayons.

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