Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tim Holtz' Holiday Hideaway

Yes, I was very fortunate to be able to attend this great event out in Arizona. There were 36 of us there along with Tim, Mario (who made fantastic meals for us!) and assorted elves. We all had tons of fun together and Tim had created 6 fantastic projects for us to make. There were great little gifts left in our room every night, and all sorts of free stuff to take home. It was like having Christmas morning happen over & over again. I have all the projects that we made here in the store, so feel free to come in and take a peek. They are all very inspiring and I'm sure you will get some great ideas. Check out the calendar for the days after Christmas. I will be doing 3 classes on the Tim Holtz 12 Days of Christmas Tags. We'll be doing lots of Distress techniques.

Quick & Easy Gift Idea

This is a very cute gift that you can fill with photos, recipes, family anecdotes or maybe you're in the mood for some really evil threats. Everything works in the booklet...that's how flexible it is. Here's how to make it. Take 2 medium sized cards, and attach the inside right half to the outside front cover of the other card. This creates a 3-fold base. You can use your tape runner for this.
Sew another card to the left side score of the open tri-fold. Just use a big-eye- needle and some waxed linen or embroidery thread or narrow ribbon. You can even punch a small hole and use narrow ribbon and do without the needle. (Poke 2 holes, 1 inch from each edge along the sewing line. Take thread from outside through the bottom hole, leaving a long tail--go up and out through the top hole to take the thread to the poutside of the booklet. Tie the two ends together near the top hole and add something to dangle--beads, charms, money.)
Decorate all the faces of the card using decorative scrapbook paper (BUT--before putting the paper over the outside center back, lay some ribbon across, about 20 inches, to wrap around to the front to tie the booklet closed.). Add stickers with room for journaling, and other stickers for decorative purposes. Add other embellishments as you like, charms, ribbon, etc.
Feel free to come in and see the sample in the store.

The Year of the Bird

I'm not sure what "year" it is in other cultures, but here in the world of stamping and scrapbooking, it is definitely the year of the bird. We have two new bird die-cuts for use on our Accu-Cut machine. If you buy the paper here, you may use the machine to cut whatever you want. We also have some great pocket, envelope, tabbed pages, and assorted shapes of dies. The picture shows the large bird, which is about 3 x 5 inches. The smaller bird is around 2 x 3. I am going crazy making these birds and adding all sorts of embellishments to them...obviously, the bling works well. I am also putting on rub-ons, stickers, bells, etc. The birds do well standing alone as an ornament or strung together in a garland. Mind you, I am not a bird person, but these guys have really piqued my interest, especially because there are so many ways to decorate them.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Go to Tim Holtz' Blog

...the blog address is Really, this is an amazing event happening here online. Tim is posting a "12 Tags of Christmas" special. He began on December 1, so today was day #6. But all the "classes" are there online. He includes pictures and step-by-step instructions for every tag...and they are gorgeous. We have almost everything he is using in these tags in the store, and we are putting together a little display up front. If you have any questions, please come in and ask us...also, if you have tried any of the tags, or your interpretation of them, we would love to see them.

If you post a comment to his blog, you become eligible for a prize, which is randomly chosen at the end of each day. The day before the first tag went up there were 25 comments on his blog. After the first tag was posted, the next day there were over 700 comments, over 900 after the second tag, over 1000 after the third tag. By the fourth and fifth days, the numbers were continuing to climb. This is really quite a phenomenon in the stamping world.

And the directions are so clear and well done. Tim does all the photography as he is making the's that for multi-tasking?? We have been so lucky to have this very talented artist come to our store...fingers crossed for next summer.

I am thinking of having a Tim's Tag class/session...whatever, in the store on or around Sunday, December 16th. Watch for details of this. You can call the store if you would be interested and if it happens, we will let you know.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

We are so excited that Laurie Mika will be teaching here in March, on a Saturday & Sunday, the 15th & 16th (that's the week before easter.) She will be doing a two-day workshop on her clay Icons. I will add more details in the next report. The class will be $175. Here are a few pictures of her work, and we carry her book, Mixed Media Mosaics. We are taking sign-ups now . Class is limited to 12 people.

"Collections" from Julie Van Oosten

I have admired Julie Van Oosten's art for a long time now and am really pleased to bring her Collection pieces back into the store. The houses are especially intriguing. Here is a link to a neat Blog that shows some great houses. Go to "" and scroll down to October 23...the individual houses are all below that entry. I will probably put together a class inspired by this project, for sometime after the holidays.

New Items at AbsolutelyEverything

Here is a photo of the acrylic crown-shaped album...I am tempted to take it apart and use it as a "3 kings" decoration for the holidays. Also pictured are the "Big Brads" from Around the Block...very cool.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Week of November 13th at Creative cafe

Here are this week's projects that we are featuring at the Cafe. Each is $2.00, and all three are quick and easy. There is a poinsettia ornament, a journal pocket for a scrapbook page or mini book page, and a tri-fold mini book. The trifold is shown open and closed. We will be using the new Hampton Art clear stamps on the journal pocket. The journal tag pocket is an exclusive AbsolutelyEverything design and it was created by Melodee Langworthy while she was here this weekend.
We are also packing up kits for the Thanksgiving garland, with some minor substitutions. You can sit here and make it or take it home and do it there. We will include instructions.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Melodee Langworthy comes to the Store!

We are delighted to be hosting Melodee Langworthy here over the November 10-11 weekend. She will be teaching three different classes; two on Saturday, and a third on Sunday. The Saturday Classes are, in the morning, the 12 Days of Christmas Mini Book, from 10 am to 12:30. That is followed by the 31 Days of December Card Deck Mini Book, from 2-4:30pm. Sunday's class runs from 12-5 and it is a beautiful family treasure called the Beloved Pop-up and Pull-Out Book. All three of these books are here in the store to view. I am including a few photos to whet your appetite.

So, we are ready and loaded for bear, or loaded and ready for bear, whatever that means in the context of having Creative Cafe set up. We are in the final stages of figuring out what goes into each project and we will definitely be operational by Friday afternoon, from 3-5 pm for the early birds. All the material behind the counter, on the walls, can be purchased. If you would like to sit and do a project, we will pull the items for that particular project and get you set up to create! The project will have its own cost. Bring your basic tools, I would say scissors, glue stick, tape runner, bone folder.

In the pictures you can see the wall full of wonderful treats, like a candy store with no calories (now there's a marketing concept...remember, you saw it here first!!) The polka dot items are 12 x 12 pieces of felt, and underneath them are 12 x 12 sheets of colored chipboard.

The "Creative Cafe at AbsolutelyEverything" Grand Opening is Saturday, November 3rd, with a follow-up day of fun on Sunday. We will post the hours for Open Cafe Time for the rest of the week and month and we will try to make some time each day, for those of you for whom it is difficult to get in for a class. In these mini project classes, you can go at your own pace and pick up new techniques in the process.

Here is a photo of the newest Daisy D kit that just arrived. It is a calendar kit, to make one page for each month. It includes 17 of their great 12 x 12 papers, 12 calendar grid pages, 3 large rub-on sets, one medium rub-on set, and 2 cardstock die-cut sets. The value of the kit is about $42, and we are offering it for $28. We will have one put together in the store, and it is a quick and easy project.

If you would like to put your calendar together here in the store, with the sample in front of you, you may sit in the classroom anytime we don't have a class going on.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quickutz Monthly Release

Quickutz has just released two new limited edition sets, just in time for the Holidays. We will have both of these sets here any day. Pre-orders are accepted.

The first set is called Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Set, contains a complete upper & lower case alphabet, along with a second unicase alphabet (apparently that means there are elements of upper & lower in the set,) and both sets have all the numbers and symbols. There is a set of four nesting trees with trunks to match each one. It is packaged in a very holiday-ish box The suggested price for this large set is $169.99. Our price is $159.99 and you will save $8.50 in shipping costs.

The second set is called Snow Day Holiday Gift Set, contains a mini unicase alphabet, with numbers & symbols, along with a great snowman die set. It is packaged in a "snow-globe"-looking container, perfect for gifting. Suggested price for this set is $89.99. here at the store, our price will be $84.99, and once again you will save the additional shipping cost of $5.00 by getting it here.

To see pictures of these two sets, go to, and under the products heading, click on new products.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

OK, I said there would be pictures and amusing anecdotes as soon as the Creative Cafe comes in , I will show as much as I can. In the meantime, here are some shots of new papers from Deja Views. We did receive their whole new Christmas & Holiday line, and it is really colorful.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Creative Cafe Coming Soon

Here's a photo of the "Art Bar" that we are installing so you can come in, sit at the bar, order up a quick project to do, and relax with us. (That's not the Art Bar stuff behind there...we are in the process of moving the Tim Holtz stuff into the other side of the store.)

The Creativer Cafe concept is the brainchild of four companies that are banding together in this project. Creative Imaginations, Bazzill Basics Paper, Hampton Arts and Accu-cut are presenting this new concept. Basically, we will arange all their products, related to this endeavor, behind the art bar and you can go back and choose your elements. There will be recipe cards available each week or you can do your own thing. Different projects will have different prices. There are two color combos, called "Lucky" and "Spirit and we will be carrying both of them.

Some of the elements in the embellishment area will be borders made from die-cut felt, assorted button colors, die-cut chipboard, cardstock stickers, glass brads, velvet brads, new designs of "swatch books" (which are very cool assortments of coordinated rub-ons,) velvet ribbons, double-sided papers, cards & envelopes, felt borders, felt alphabets, felt words and felt shapes, 12 x 12 sheets of colored chipboard, to use in your die-cut machines, colored tags, and so much more. These new releases will only be available at the stores who have ordered the Creative Cafe. Only two hundred stores in the US were allowed to do so, and we are one of them, carrying the entire line. So, we are all looking forward to the grand arrival, which should occur around October 30th. We will have a Grand Opening of the Art Bar, once we are all set up. Watch the weekly e mails for announcements.

Patti Cards!!

So, now I am back from all my travels and ready to jump into the holiday season with both feet. Here are some very cool pics of Patti's upcoming Holiday cards class. Check out the details in the calendar section. This class will be offered twice. The second one is already full, but there are a few spots in the first one, next weekend, Saturday, October 13thdsucn.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fun With the Artgirlz!!!

Traci & Alison Stilwell, also known as "The Artgirlz" were here last week, taking us through the steps to create a great necklace (or bracelet,) 3 cool dolls and a very interesting felt elf. We ended up doing some needle felting on the elf, and also on some of the big round felt beads. This was a cool technique and we have the tools & materials here and can show you how it works. We will be offering these classes here for those who couldn't make the dates last weekend. The Bracelet/necklace class is on Saturday, October 6, 10am-2pm. Cost is $40 and includes everything you will need. Check out the photo on the blog entry of Thursday, August 30th. (scroll down)

The "3 dolls" class will be in December, on Saturday, the 8th, from 2-4 pm. Think tree ornaments here!! Cost is $22, just bring your basic kit.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Arrived Today...

Lots of Heidi Swapp masks, both the large ones (which Tim cut apart) and the smaller ones similar to the one we used in Tim's class: birds, flowers, crowns, damask, along with new flower center bling.

In from my "wing source' are the white wings in the small 4 inch size as well as some in an 8 inch size, and there are 2 sizes of wooden mannekins, to paint, alter and otherwise turn into great art. There is also a very large red rubber band that I am thinking will be great to stamp for christmas and Valentines Day, and use to keep small books closed.

From Jenni Bowlin, there are new alphabets, bingo cards, ticket and label paper, and label stickers, as well as rub-ons.

We also got a large box of stunning glitter papers in Halloween & Christmas styles from K & Co, along with their new bling and 3-D stickers.

Creative Imagination has some really neat "wizard-in-training" stickers for you Harry Potter folks. More pictures maybe tomorrow.

Artgirlz Classes

In the calendar section, to the left, I have updated the entries for the three classes this Friday & Saturday, to tell you what to bring, in terms of tools or other embellishments. Just click on the title of the class to read all about it.

Celebrating the Tenth!!

So here's the deal...because during this month the 10th falls on a Monday, when we are closed, we will celebrate it on both Sunday the 9th and Tuesday, the 11th. Come into the store and for every 2 rubber stamps (or clear stamps or stamp sets) that you purchase you may purchase a third at half price. That's 50% off the third stamp. The discount will apply to the lower priced stamp. So, come in, wish us a "Happy Anniversary" (yet again) and get the deal.

Distress Frame Class

Here is the sample of the Distress Frame that I will be teaching here at the store on Sunday, October 21, from 1-4 pm. This is the class that Tim Holtz designed, and he taught it when he was here. It is a technique lesson in using the Distress Crackle Paint, the Distress Embossing Powder, and the Distress Inks. It is a mirror but you can easily make it into a frame. (That is my blue shirt that you can see reflected in the mirror.) Cost of this class is $40. Call the store to sign up.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Here are two views of the project that Claudia is doing on Thursday, September 6th, 11:30-1:30 pm, at Artful Cafe. In the close-up, you might be able to see the crackle effects from the Distress Crackle Paint, (you might have to use your imagination here, too.) the new one-step paint from Ranger. Because of the special embellishments , this class is $15. Call to sign-up for this class. 978-887-6397

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Barbara Gerson will Teach Breakfast Club on September 11

Barbara has made a number of samples that you will use to Springboard off of during the Tuesday,September 11,Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club is $13 and you will make 2 cards and you choice of bookmark. She will be teaching the technique of coloring directly on the stamps with water-based markers, to create a very neat collage effect with the coordinating stamps.Bring stipple brushes if you have them. We will supply some for shared use.

A Stamp in the Hand Classes-with the very talented Patti

These are the four cards you will make in Patti's "A Stamp in the Hand Card Class." The class will be held on Saturday, September 15, from 1-4 pm. It will also be presented again on Sunday, October 14, from 1-4 pm. Cost is $25. Pre-registration is required. Patti's classes usually have a waiting list, so I encourage you to jump all over this one.

Distress Crackle Paint

Patti and I (Kate) will be in the store all day Saturday, this weekend, September 1, and we will be playing with lots of the colors of the new Distress Crackle Paint. As far as I know, we are the only store with a supply of these paints anywhere at all. Ranger was kind enough to be very supportive during our recent series of Tim Holtz classes. Consequently, we have a good supply left of all the colors. We have some tricks and tips from Tim to pass on to you, so you will be succefssful in your initial attempts. These pictures show the tiles with the paint having just crackled (it is a one step process...paint it on--it crackles) and before any Distress Inks were added, which enhances the effect immeasurably.

The Artgirlz, Traci and Allison Stilwell, will be visiting us here at the store next week. On Friday evening, September 7, they will teach us how to make art dolls in the "Three Girlz" class. These girlz can be made into pins, or used as elements in artwork, ATCs, or altered books. Saturday morning, September 8, is the Christmas Elf/Girl/Person, and Saturday Afternoon is the great charm bracelet, that I, personally, will turn into a necklace...we will show you how to do this if you are interested. Both Traci and Allison are extremely creative, and quite a bit of their line of charms, felt balls, kits, and rubber stamps will be available for viewing and purchase and we will be able to ask them for tips, ideas, and pointers in using all their materials.

Tuesday, September 4, Breakfast Club

These are two samples of the cards you will be creating in Terri's Halloween Layered card class on Tuesday, September 4, which begins at 10 am. Check the calendar for other info about the class. Terri is also presenting this class in an expanded form, making four cards, on Sunday, September 16th, from 12:30-3:30 pm. Cost of that class is $20.

Thursday, August 30th

Hello again. Wow, this blog thing is very new to me. Today, I will update you on the latest arrivals here at the store. I will continue to mention new items in the weekly e-mail, but there will be a more expanded description at this site.

American Crafts has new rub-ons, stored in that very cool matchbook style folder. These rub-ons come in a birthday style as well as two new Christmas designs. They also have these very different "jars" of leather-looking (but really vinyl) shapes in Christmas colors and styles.

We have received some great Christmas jingle bells, angel images in a garland form, small ornament-shaped boxes...and I am busy incorporating these and lots more into my Christmas-Album-in-a-Day Class.

New Books Just are a few book reviews from yours truly. The first book is called "100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps." Initially, I thought this would be a good "beginner" book. Now, having read it, I am convinced that we will all benefit from it. Beginners will learn a ton, but advanced stampers will be very motivated by the wide range of techniques included. Some of the chapters are: Stitching, bleach, collage, fabric stamping, acetate & glass, polymer clay, and so much more.

The next book is brand new and put out by a group of young women who have a website that "dares" scrapbookers to try new things. So, this book is very edgy and the styles are very contemporary. The bok is called "We Dare You" and the chapters are titled: the good, the bad, the ugly, the silly wacky funny, the random and the best. This book will definitely take you outside of your current style, and provide lots of new ideas to try.

The third book is called "Living the Creative Life" with a subtitle of "ideas and inspirations from working artists. (I am aware that, in writing, book titles get underlined, but I cannot make the computer do that in this blogplace...perhaps I will learn.) Rice Freeman Zachary is the author and has compiled sections filled with answers to "art" questions..."what is creativity," "how to keep journals, sketchbooks, etc," "opening your eyes to inspiration," and more. Both Michael deMeng and Claudine Hellmuth are featured along with many other artists. There are "tips" and "try this" sections throughout the book. It looks like a great resource to me. Come in and take a look.

We did get a bit of the Abby & Jack line from the Love, Elsie designs from KI Memories. More is due in any day now.

There are lovely new Halloween and Christmas ribbons recently in from both May Arts and Imaginisce.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Your First Look

Here it is, the unveiling of the AbsolutelyEverything Blog. Welcome. This will updated every now and then, and if there is something crucial in it I will let you know in the e mail weekly newsletter. But apparently I can post pictures here more efficiently.

We just had a demo today with Irina Kitaeva, who showed us lots of transfers onto bamboo tiles and dominoes with Omnigel, along with other jewelry tips. Irina drove down from the Bethel Maine area and she will be back to teach some of her fantastic books with transfers, along with jewelry. She has a great class with a piece of beveled glass, surrounded by strung seed beads, It strikes me that Irina is quite talented and we are very glad she is staying on the east coast!

We also had an A Muse class usual, Jenn Shurkus was great...she will be back, too.

Check out my weekly e mail newsletter (go to the website(,)find the "news" page and find the newsletter for August 26. It will have pictures of the three classes that Tracy & Allison Stilwell, the Artgirlz,are doing here on Friday & Saturday, September 7 & 8.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Assorted Odd Items

Daisy Ds update: There is a coupon in the August issue of Creating Keepsakes for 10% off of all Daisy Ds products at certain participating stores. Well guess what..we are one of those stores. So, you have until August 31 to come in with the actual coupon, (no copies) and we will take 10% off of all your Daisy Ds purchases. Including all their new stuff which is arriving any day...and you get punch card credit!! (I probably should have warned you to sit down before reading that last paragraph.)

Art Show: We have had some terrific entries into the Art Show, and we are still accepting more...remember it goes through September...anything that reflects "10" in any way...cause it's our tenth year in business! Seriously, I don't think anyone who reads this newsletter will ever forget that.

The Art Girlz are coming to the store Friday & Saturday, September 7 & 8, for three great projects. Details on pricing and timing will follow. Check the photos in last week's newsletter. The projects have felt, jewelry charms, and delightfulness. I, personally, am taking all three!

Look for news of Bernie Berlin's return in late September, for some artsy holiday projects, as well as christmas eggs, literally, real eggs, with cut-outs and a little christmas tree inside---must be seen to be believed.