Thursday, December 6, 2007

Go to Tim Holtz' Blog

...the blog address is Really, this is an amazing event happening here online. Tim is posting a "12 Tags of Christmas" special. He began on December 1, so today was day #6. But all the "classes" are there online. He includes pictures and step-by-step instructions for every tag...and they are gorgeous. We have almost everything he is using in these tags in the store, and we are putting together a little display up front. If you have any questions, please come in and ask us...also, if you have tried any of the tags, or your interpretation of them, we would love to see them.

If you post a comment to his blog, you become eligible for a prize, which is randomly chosen at the end of each day. The day before the first tag went up there were 25 comments on his blog. After the first tag was posted, the next day there were over 700 comments, over 900 after the second tag, over 1000 after the third tag. By the fourth and fifth days, the numbers were continuing to climb. This is really quite a phenomenon in the stamping world.

And the directions are so clear and well done. Tim does all the photography as he is making the's that for multi-tasking?? We have been so lucky to have this very talented artist come to our store...fingers crossed for next summer.

I am thinking of having a Tim's Tag class/session...whatever, in the store on or around Sunday, December 16th. Watch for details of this. You can call the store if you would be interested and if it happens, we will let you know.

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