Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Holiday Express Bus Trip Was Fab!!

Thank you to all of you who participated in this cool event...and thanks to the other stores, Colorful Creations, Stamp Act, and Scrapbook Cupboard...great shopping, great food..and great customers. Hats off to all the "bus mothers," Melissa, Denise, and our very own Barbara and Gloria...

We will definitely do this again, but for right now...I need a bit of a rest after that day!

Would anyone like to win the three new Stickles below?...just put a comment on the blog about the bus trip, and you will be automatically entered...we will do a randram drawing from all the entries...and I will post the entry and ask for your address.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Some examples of our Artful Cafe...

This past week, Claudia created what could either be an apple or a pumpkin by altering a paperback book. Basically cut along the spine to make the book about half size...i.e. you are removing half the pages...go through the book adding color to the edges on both sides of the pages...glue the front and back sheets together, clamp and leave til dry...when dry-open the book up and spread the pages around in a circle...I found this on the internet, wish I could remember where so I could give credit. Oh, and don't forget to add a twig with a leaf for a stem.

Another class we did recently was this great Fall leaf in UTEE hanging ornament. Basically, take chipboard, color it with pigment inks, add Utee-one layer, and while it is still hot, set the leaf, or leaves, into it so they stick. Proceed to add 3-4 more layers of Utee--it sticks to the previous layer if it is still hot...if you get a phone call and have to answer it..add more emb. ink, and another layer of the UTEE...I like to sprinkle a bit of fine glitter in the top layer. I also reheat one area where Iwant to stamp (put emb ink on the stamp first as a release agent.) Stamp and let the stamp sit in the UTEE while it cools...about 15 sec. Then take any color, (I used white in one image and brown in the other) of Ranger acrylic paint dabber , smear it all over so it works into the impressions, and wipe the top off with a wet paper towel...now you will see the ink only in the word (or image) that you stamped.

Calendar Problems

Sorry to say...the calendar link is misbehaving a bit for the November & December pages...those classes that look very out-of-place probably are...be aware.

Tim Holtz Make-and-Take

Here is a photo of one of the very cool projects that Tim had us make at the "Holtz Holiday Festival. " It is a hanger that holds two pieces together. The top layer is one of the largest Fragment pieces, which is 4x4.( You could easily substitue the heavy acetate sheets, which will cut on your 12 inch trimmer.)
Behind it, but not glued to it is a piece of chipboard, or Grungeboard that has been collaged with holiday images. The Heidi Swapp alphabet is placed on top of the acrylic piece. Just add ribbon on top. Because it is not glued, you can change out the photos at your will.
We have the hangers in stock, $2.50 apiece. We have great holiday collage papers, and the Heidi swapp letters are due in soon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Keith LoBue's Visit to AE

We are all delighted with our weekend experience in classes with the not-only-talented but the serene, wise and actually very cave-man-esque Keith LoBue. Keith spent an entire day teaching how to drill, etch...(did I mention that we drilled thru glass?...OK, maybe I impress easily, but that was way cool...in fact, it was Sweeeet!)...in all kinds of surfaces and materials. So much info...I could see some of the heads were happily stuffed at the end of the class. It was a lecture and demo class and I'm pretty sure everyone was thrilled with the amount of info.

On day #2, the students did all sorts of Wire Working, learning connections, chain elements, cleaning and aging...another home run by Keith LoBue. He & I are already plotting on how and when to schedule a return visit. I will give you all plenty of notice, because he will be having a three-day Precious Little Class , a Friday, Saturday, & Sunday...and we will fit in two other classes, on Wednesday & Thursday...the decorating with paper class and the Metal Etching Class. The first news will be seen in the newsletters, so keep reading and memorizing those for now.
Additionally, Keith brought along pieces of his art jewelry for sale, a Folio of photos of his work, digital collage prints, as well as a Dvd which shows him creating a jewelry piece. We have copies of the Folio and the DVD here in the store for sale. I think if Keith puts a comment here on this blog, he can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the price of each is $50.
As is my way with visiting artists, males, we did get briefly engaged, but broke it off rather quickly, and we will make every effort to remain just friends. Keith did get a chance to meet my husband, Greg, so, I guess it all worked out for the best.