Friday, October 17, 2008

Some examples of our Artful Cafe...

This past week, Claudia created what could either be an apple or a pumpkin by altering a paperback book. Basically cut along the spine to make the book about half size...i.e. you are removing half the pages...go through the book adding color to the edges on both sides of the pages...glue the front and back sheets together, clamp and leave til dry...when dry-open the book up and spread the pages around in a circle...I found this on the internet, wish I could remember where so I could give credit. Oh, and don't forget to add a twig with a leaf for a stem.

Another class we did recently was this great Fall leaf in UTEE hanging ornament. Basically, take chipboard, color it with pigment inks, add Utee-one layer, and while it is still hot, set the leaf, or leaves, into it so they stick. Proceed to add 3-4 more layers of Utee--it sticks to the previous layer if it is still hot...if you get a phone call and have to answer it..add more emb. ink, and another layer of the UTEE...I like to sprinkle a bit of fine glitter in the top layer. I also reheat one area where Iwant to stamp (put emb ink on the stamp first as a release agent.) Stamp and let the stamp sit in the UTEE while it cools...about 15 sec. Then take any color, (I used white in one image and brown in the other) of Ranger acrylic paint dabber , smear it all over so it works into the impressions, and wipe the top off with a wet paper you will see the ink only in the word (or image) that you stamped.

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