Monday, February 22, 2010

Here (over there on the right) is a photo of last week's prize...I forgot to post will have to go to the newsletter to see if you won!!
On the left here is this coming week's prize...a set of 5 mounting tape packs from Helmar, and a dot 'n' roller from Kokuyo. I was heartened to read about everyone and their magazines...we are the same the world over!
Lots and lots of new products are arriving every is cool to be opening all the boxes and getting a surprise as I finally remember what I ordered. Honestly, I could probably hide my own easter eggs. Anyway, I was thinking about how much I have learned over the years, and yet how I also tend to stick to some of my favorite I am thinking that I will start picking some new techniques to deliberately include in my work these days. I am starting with the whole idea of masks, especially using the new masking material from Tim Holtz. My plan is to use this in my work over the next two weeks, and then, maybe, in a few weeks incorporate another technique and put the two of them together--so that would be two new techniques per month...Let's see how well I can do with this...I will post some of my efforts. How about you guys...anyone want to commit to trying a new technique, one that you have learned but not used very much??? I would love to hear what you are willing to try in order to push your art along a bit. Tell me all about it and there could be some pretty cool adhesives in it for you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Weather Update (and this week's topic)

Tuesday, February 16...we are closing the store at 3 pm today, due to piling-up-on-the-roads snow...Check back with us tomorrow.
I have a picture of the free prize for this week but it is at the store so I will update the blog with that tomorrow when I get in. I like to hear that we all like mini-books...also one of my fave forms. I just heard from Margie Romney-Aslett that she wil be here at the store in November for some holiday fun...pretty sure we can get her to do at least one mini!
So, what do you do with all your books and mags...and I know you have them piling up just like I do...I have taken to reading the magazines with a computer handy so I can go to the websites noted in the ads and articles...the books I just keep in piles...the mags, I go thru every now and then and tear out articles...but after a while it does get to be a very large pile!! However, I cannot resist getting about you guys??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Alert!!

We are closing the store today, Wednesday, February 10th, at 1 pm, due to the huge storm that is coming our would be just our luck we may get passed by, or only a few inches...but, hey, we are not a hospital, we are a rubber stamp store (really--soooo much more, I know...but trying to keep it brief) so we are keeping non-essential personnel off the streets & safe...So, come in early to get those projects and go home and hunker down. Good luck with the shovelling. We will continue with the 40% off snowflakes anad thank you stamps and stickers, etc, as a gratefulness for not having two feete of snow already...this sale continues til Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back From CHA

So many pictures to show...the trip was good, fun, enlightening...biggest trend, aside from Vintage, which we have been all over for jewelry and you will be seeing some new items along those lines...all the usual suspects were great...7 Gypsies, Prima, Webster's Pages, Graphic 45. litle Yellow Bicycle, Making memories, Cosmo Cricket, all the Tim Holtz products...that guy is everywhere!!!...and I am pretty sure we are all pretty glad that he items to watch for...a new glitter & coloring style which I will show you all when it, the stamps from The Queen's Ink, PDQ papers from Bisous, pre-embossed papers from Core'dinations, new japanese designs form Hanko, magnets and buttons for the i-top from Imaginesce, wood stamps from a Swedish company called Magnolia (ggogle them!!)
Penny Black's newest stamps (with her gorgeous boards.)...some of the new Tattered Angels items have already arrived...anyway, here are few photos from the trip.

This first one shows all the dies from the Tim Holtz release for Ellison, except for the edge dies...and here is the cover of his new book...which has all sorts of projecfts with very detailed instructions...

These images and cards are from the Queen's Ink line...due in shortly.

Here is a photo of this week's is a kit (in very nice creams & browns) to make a 10 x 20 inch decor project, with an additional 6x6 canvas to attach to the front for a 3-d effect, plus a 2-pack of the ranger white pen. And the question for this week is: Let's talk about book binding...have you ever done it, especially in mini form??? Making mini books is such a of my all time favorite things to do, (besides soldering, Zentangles, shopping!!, and maybe a few others)
What is your favorite binding system, (Wow, I almost said "bonding system...that is a discussion for a whole 'nother day!) e.g. there are the following out there, Zutter Bind-it-all, 7 gypsies bindery punch, coil puncher machine, book rings, ribbon ties, stapling, piano hinge, hand-sewn, ...or which do you have the most experience with...and any you would like to have the oportunity to try (no promises here.) Thanks in advance for playing!