Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Weather Update (and this week's topic)

Tuesday, February 16...we are closing the store at 3 pm today, due to piling-up-on-the-roads snow...Check back with us tomorrow.
I have a picture of the free prize for this week but it is at the store so I will update the blog with that tomorrow when I get in. I like to hear that we all like mini-books...also one of my fave forms. I just heard from Margie Romney-Aslett that she wil be here at the store in November for some holiday fun...pretty sure we can get her to do at least one mini!
So, what do you do with all your books and mags...and I know you have them piling up just like I do...I have taken to reading the magazines with a computer handy so I can go to the websites noted in the ads and articles...the books I just keep in piles...the mags, I go thru every now and then and tear out articles...but after a while it does get to be a very large pile!! However, I cannot resist getting them...how about you guys??


  1. OOOOOHHH I love me some arty books and magazines!! My favorite right now is Cloth Paper Scissors. I also have a lot of Somerset Studios books & mags, the discontinued Artitude, and Art & Life....what do I do with them? Nothing. They are taking over my house. My husband periodically threatens to move out. I love to page through them pretty regularly for inspiration, particularly to get ideas for projects to do with kids at work (I am a mentor for mentally ill children)-- They LOVED that snowman-bottle project from last winter!!

  2. I have stacks of books and magazines on every flat surface in my tiny house! I have a six-shelved bookcase full of paper art/crafting books and magazines. I have file folders in a two-drawer file full of ideas. There are two magazines peeking out from under a pillow on the bed, another couple in the rocking chair, four more that I picked up just yesterday in my bookbag...I think you get the idea! The ones in the bookcase are at least sorted by title or by topic, but the rest are a jumble. I'm hoping someone else will post some excellent yet easy ways to organize some of this!!! Anne, yourmainestamper

  3. Is this where I confess to my secret addition to paper crafting magazines? Hi, I am Karen and I am addicted! It all started with Mary Englebreit's magazine...I have every copy. Insane, right? I even have moved them from Texas to Maine and then again in Maine. I won't tell anyone what's in those heavy boxes. Now, it is paper crafting. I must go through each one at least three time. Once to see the pictures, second time to study the list of items used, third to note all the items I want to buy or websites to check out. I need help...or some more magazines : ) Karen S in ME

  4. I find it hard to tear up and throw out my magazines. As a result, they are all over my house. I have a huge pile in my kitchen including Cloth, Paper, Scissors as well as some quilting magazines. I have magazine holders all over the dining room with stamping magazines and books I've collected for several years. Books, magazines and paper crafting supplies have taken over my very tiny house. Hopefully, I will win the lottery soon so I can buy a much larger place to hold all this "stuff"! Barbara K

  5. Hmmm, Magazines, I rarely get them anymore.....because they pile up and my DH has a fit...and I try to go through and cut out what I want, but then the things i cut out sit in a pile, and i never go back over them, and when I want inspiration, I go to my computer, so and check out websites and galleries and blogs and product websites....

    as for books, well, books I like to read, I have stacked in my reading room aka the bathroom, under the sink......sort of because i have no bookcase for my own books that I don't want to be out in the guest bookcase......and mostly they are in piles, and I have a bunch in a really large canvas bag that I routinely go through and re-read.....

    books for scrapbooking and cardmaking are in the basement with all my scrapstuff, on shelves and believe it or not, I can more or less find what it is I am looking for if I need something....I mostly use the card ones.....and really I don't refer to them all that much....but sometimes, I like to look through the mini album ones, because I love making mini-albums and books, and most of the mini albums and books I make I fall in love with, but since I have made them for a gift, I end up giving them away..... *sigh*

    I have an online subscription to Scrapbook Trends/Cards/Simply Handmade/Beads and I really love looking through them online, I can print out anything that I want to refer to, and no stuff piling up! I like that a lot!!

  6. I have 2 3-shelf bookcases that are loaded with magazines that I want to keep including Expression (now defunct!), Bead & Button, Beadwork, Belle Armoire, etc! I also have a chair-side table with shelf that's loaded, and we have a table with skirt on it that I hide my magazines under...now if I could just get a little time to read all of them, that would be perfect, I found some from 2003 that I never read! And before you all laugh, I am sure that some of you have the same problem!! LOL!

  7. I had ten years of Creating Keepsakes magazines, Ivy Cottage, Making Memories, Simple Scrapbooks, etc., plus many, many books on scrapbooking. I finally took the initiative and boxed them up to go into my next yard sale. I am a subscriber to Cards, Paper Trends, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks, Etc. and Papercrafts and I am running out of room.

  8. Hi, There!
    Used to subscribe and collect books and magazines....but I have gone "GREEN"! I took the plunge and purged most of my old magazines to the recyle bin. I kept my Rubber Stamper mags (wish that one was still around! They offered techniques, product reviews, as well as samples and much more!), some Rubber Stamp Madness and just 2 or 3 Creating Keepsakes - after a while, they all looked the same to me. So these don't take up much space in my craft room.I'm finishing my subscription to Crafts 'n Things (the converted option from Rubber Stamper) and then will decide if I will renew. I found the magazines to be limited in their styles, vendors,and submitters...it became too much of the same things for me. I have a few books...Carol Duvall and Magenta, not much else.

    I now find my inspiration online...there are a bunch of blogs that I follow intently and have subscribed so I get daily/weekly updates and then am on the look out for new ones constantly. There are some vendor blogs that I follow their galleries...All of these offer me much more inspiration and better at describing their processes - and I can target it in on the styles that I like. They are accessible repeatedly via a lookup or I can print them or save them in my folders. Additionally, their offerings are always new, fresh and timely....using new supplies. I can honestly say that my card making style has expanded exponentially because of these online blogs - as has my accumulation of supplies (LOL)....not to mention the wonderful people that I've met through them.

    I also realize that this approach is contributing to the demise of many publications...sad, but true...business/jobs vs. Green...it's a topic I often wrestle with! for now, I'm enjoying the online offerings!