Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quick & Easy Gift Idea

This is a very cute gift that you can fill with photos, recipes, family anecdotes or maybe you're in the mood for some really evil threats. Everything works in the booklet...that's how flexible it is. Here's how to make it. Take 2 medium sized cards, and attach the inside right half to the outside front cover of the other card. This creates a 3-fold base. You can use your tape runner for this.
Sew another card to the left side score of the open tri-fold. Just use a big-eye- needle and some waxed linen or embroidery thread or narrow ribbon. You can even punch a small hole and use narrow ribbon and do without the needle. (Poke 2 holes, 1 inch from each edge along the sewing line. Take thread from outside through the bottom hole, leaving a long tail--go up and out through the top hole to take the thread to the poutside of the booklet. Tie the two ends together near the top hole and add something to dangle--beads, charms, money.)
Decorate all the faces of the card using decorative scrapbook paper (BUT--before putting the paper over the outside center back, lay some ribbon across, about 20 inches, to wrap around to the front to tie the booklet closed.). Add stickers with room for journaling, and other stickers for decorative purposes. Add other embellishments as you like, charms, ribbon, etc.
Feel free to come in and see the sample in the store.

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