Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Assorted Odd Items

Daisy Ds update: There is a coupon in the August issue of Creating Keepsakes for 10% off of all Daisy Ds products at certain participating stores. Well guess what..we are one of those stores. So, you have until August 31 to come in with the actual coupon, (no copies) and we will take 10% off of all your Daisy Ds purchases. Including all their new stuff which is arriving any day...and you get punch card credit!! (I probably should have warned you to sit down before reading that last paragraph.)

Art Show: We have had some terrific entries into the Art Show, and we are still accepting more...remember it goes through September...anything that reflects "10" in any way...cause it's our tenth year in business! Seriously, I don't think anyone who reads this newsletter will ever forget that.

The Art Girlz are coming to the store Friday & Saturday, September 7 & 8, for three great projects. Details on pricing and timing will follow. Check the photos in last week's newsletter. The projects have felt, jewelry charms, and delightfulness. I, personally, am taking all three!

Look for news of Bernie Berlin's return in late September, for some artsy holiday projects, as well as christmas eggs, literally, real eggs, with cut-outs and a little christmas tree inside---must be seen to be believed.

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