Monday, August 17, 2009

New-a Weekly Question and Give-away

Hey all, I am starting a little something new here. Each week I will pose a question to all of you...feel free to answer in the comment section below. I will be randomly choosing a winner from all the responses, to receive a pre-chosen treat for that week. This week the question is: "What sort of classes would you like to see us teach...more of a project, or more of a technique? Do you have stuff you don't know how to use, or want to use in a different way?? (this is all part of the same question, I know, I am cheating a little...) Want to know who won? You will need to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, which goes out on Mondays. The winner will be announced there. To subscribe, go to to the new link to the old website...find the "news" page along the top, and subscribe from there (really, it will get easier...I am under construction everywhere??)
If none of that works, e mail me at, and I will add you to the newswletter list.

We have just settled with Jenni Bowlin to be here for National Scrapbook day, to teach two classes on that Saturday, May 1, I beleive. And, Nathalie Metevier, from Magenta returns for two classes on October 3rd.


  1. Am I really the first person to comment? I just LOVE your store and I wish I lived closer as I'd be haunting you continually. My friends and I spent a Saturday there recently and I'm sure we never saw all there was to see during those hours and hours. About classes--I really like project-based classes, the chance to use techniques and materials to create something tangible I can take home with me. I teach some in Maine at Your Maine Stamper in Winthrop and I find that the project-based classes always fill up quickly, but my summer Monday morning classes that are more technique-based have also been full every week. Sometimes I think it would be great to have a technique/materials/specific product focus in the shop for a week where people could drop in any time and experiment. That means having someone on staff who is knowledgeable available all the time and that may not be feasible. So I guess I haven't really answered your question. It will be interesting to see what other responses are posted. Hopefully all the commenting will help you to choose a direction for future classes at AE. Anne, The Woodshed, Maine

  2. I agree with Anne. I love project based classes like mini albums..remember the star book craze and the domino bracelets..I STILL get compliments on them.

  3. Do we have to choose? I want it all. I love to learn techniques and I am always looking for new projects to make with supplies on hand.

  4. Cathy F.: I would like to have a kit of the month club which would involve receiving preselected paper and an embellishment which you would then create scrapbook page or card and bring to the next club meeting. I have been in these before and have enjoyed seeing different interpretations of the same materials.

    I would also enjoy an organization class to help me get my act and supplies together. How many times have I forgotten an item that I repurchase! I know people have different approaches to scrapbooking supply organization, color...theme...brands...etc.

    Thanks for such a great store!!!

  5. Like the other Anne said, the techniques class might be used for drop in during store hours and the project class used for signup classes.

    Learning new techniques is fun, but seeing how those techniques can be interpreted into a variety of projects is really cool. So examples of altered art, cards and scrapbooking projects can be displayed.

    Just my two cents....

  6. I would love classes to teach us how to use some of the new and expensive tools I have sitting unused on my desk. I have nestabilities but can't quite get them to work. I have the big shot but have never used it because I have never seen it used. I have a cricut expression that has not come out of the box. I would love card classes. I am not really into jewelry making. I would love more watercolor cards and any thing taught by Patti. I would love to learn to do brayer backgrounds. thank you for asking us what we would like.

  7. Give me techniques. Get both by teaching a simple project that uses the technique.
    My Zutter Bind-It-All is still in the box. I just need the push to get it going.
    Marcia Tate

  8. Techniques, definately techniques! I also am keen on the using the supplies in different ways idea and that could be swell for a project class. Sort of a "Designer Notebook" idea!

    Lots of Annes responding....interesting

  9. I agree with Kim- I want it all!
    I love taking classes and you have so many good ones!

    I love project oriented classes because you actually get to finish something. But I also love learning new techniques and using new products. So, the best classes have both.

    I do not tend to take classes that are holiday themed - but will if the technique is intersting.

    I would love to see more scrapbooking classes where I can actually finish a page - I am really loving the Basic Grey Monthly classes.

    I also love making books and learning the different methods of sewing and binding and decorating.

    Thanks for everything!


  10. I love to learn new techniques. I'd like to see a series of classes where we create tags of all different techniques, with the instructions on the back.

    Projects that use both new techniques and all the tools I have sitting in boxes would be helpful too.

  11. My favorite classes help me learn a new technique AND walk out with a started (or ideally completed...but that doesn't always happen!) project. I love learning new techniques I can use when I get home, so if I have to choose I'd pick that. But I must confess it's really cool to walk out and say, "Look what I just made!"

    Thanks for having great classes!

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  13. This is a hard choice to make. I love technique classes that I can use later in creating projects at home. But I also love the combo classes of project and technique. I think that if you continue to offer both that would make me happy.

  14. I am probably in the minority, but I prefer technique classes. I love a good project, but I'd rather leave with a new skill I can adapt to my own style and use over and over again. I'd love to try things like spray washes, UTEE, glimmer mists and masks...

  15. I love classes that are taught by celebrities. I've had such a great time learning from people who inspire me daily through magazines, and feel honored that they give time to teach me their tricks.

    As for the end result... I love learning something that I don't already know, something that I wouldn't attempt to try unless with an instructor, and something that is 'show' worthy (ie. I feel good enough to display it).

    For me, I don't sign up for a class, unless it has a photograph and/or example of what I am about to do.

  16. Hi!

    I haven't taken any classes at your store yet because they're a little far from me, but I'm going to try to get there soon! I do come to shop!!!!

    My favorite classes include both technique and a project. I love to learn how to use new products (or products in multiple ways) but leave with something. I love the look of altered arts, but I feel like this is beyond me at this time. I prefer card, layout, and scrapbook-type kits. I'm a huge BG fan and just saw another post that you have classes for those.

    I think a class on "other things to do with your tools" would be cool. We all have countless supplies and tools that we typically use for one or two things. I'd like to learn tips for using things in new ways.

    I'd also love to learn how to do backgrounds with brayering. I've seen beautiful sunsets, beach scenes, and other designs online and really want to learn this technique.

    I'm glad I can get your e-newsletter so I can learn more! Thanks.

  17. I love projects and weekend extravaganzas are the best. I'd drive or fly from anywhere to get in on the fun. It would be great for those of us that are moving to be able to get kits with directions.

  18. Hi Kate,

    I agree with the others, that techniques are what we need. It is great to make a piece of art in a class, but learning techniques that we can apply over & over again at home is what keeps us going.

    Speaking of techniques, Michelle Zindorf does wonderful things with a brayer and ink. ( She teaches classes and has never been to New England as far as I know. She is a SU demonstrator, but works with all brands of products.

    Also, please try Wendy Vecchi again. Thanks