Friday, July 24, 2009

I am off today to cool and quiet Orlando, Florida, for the CHA buying show. I will post updates, as best I can given my camera and computer expertise...(that is me lowering the bar!). I definitely have all the cords, chargers, connectors, etc...the question is, will I know what goes where???
Anyway, Halloween stuff is starting to arrive in the store...we have lots of the newest Martha Stewart punches and paper sets in now.
Also, all past holiday and Halloween stuff is on sale, 40% off...none of the new stuff is included in this sale, but I think that stands to reason...we are making room for the new stuff. But the good news is that the 40% off of the current selection is a great deal, and we have some neat papers and embellishments, especially if you have to make lots of copies and multiples of a the upcoming newsletter (which can also be viewed here after it comes out, thank you, Jazz! -my computer guru) for a special sale that will begin on Friday, July 31..think day-after-thanksgiving style stamps for $1, $2, $3...and more!

I will be repeating my Christmas Album-in-a-Day Class sometime in October or November, as well as the holiday shopping I will be planning those projects down at the show...I have done some pre-orders, and we have already received a bunch of the newest Prima flowers and papers...more new stuff may even arrive while I am gone...

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