Monday, November 2, 2009

I am not getting any sleep as I mull over all the birdcage ideas..hope you were as inspired as I was. Check out the newsletter to see who won! Here is this week's prize, donated to us by the great folks at
Martin Meyer Imports. It contains 11 packets of German glass glitter...many of you may already know, this type of glitter is my all time favorite,... in next week's blog, or sooner I will post some samples that I have made with it. Also, here is the link to this very cool has all sorts of items..esp. small stuff that we kind of folk like!!

So, here is this week's question:
It's November, and, aside from it being my birthday month, and therefore, my favorite month of the year, it is also coming up to Thanksgiving time...I have always thought that I would like to keep a thankfulness specific required entries, just what I am thankful for in my life, maybe just today, maybe for something in the any case, I thought I would bring this up before the time crunch for pie-baking comes upon here it is...What are you thankful for now in your life...feel free to mention up to about five different things, but one is enough, need to spill secrets, because, you know, I am a blabber! as general or detailed as you like...I will start off.
I am definitely thankful for (#1)my family, a husband who doesn't throw out all my "finds," "piles." and "collections," and also doesn't go into the Art room... and healthy and content (for the moment) kids...Also, (#2)for the opportunity to run the store...this has been one of the greatest joys in my life, having a great staff, and meeting so many great people...(#3) My own personal move toward a healthier life...not easy. (#4) My 90 year old Mom, who has always been a rock in my life....and (#5), Learning Zentangles!!! There are tons more...but that's what I have come up with. Let's hear from you.


  1. I can't help but immediately think of my son who is always so thankful for the little things (a pillow, a bed, silverware). :) It really humbles me.
    With that in mind, it is REALLY hard to narrow to just 5, but I'll try to give my top 5:
    (1)My family - so special I get all faklepmt just thinking about them
    (2)My friends - so special & thoughtful
    (3)A job (hubby's)
    (4)Basic Needs are always met (I have money in the bank, access to medical care, a home, a vehicle, and not just food to eat but I have a CHOICE of what I am going to eat)
    (5)My freedom & those who have sacrificed that I might continue to have it

    Thanks! It's always good to reflect & I am feeling especially blessed.

  2. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband and daughter who make dinner for us most nights!

  3. So many things to be thankful for...but I wanted to share something I have been doing since the summer time...At work I have posted a long piece of paper on the bulletin board and titled it, "The Happy List" and (almost) every day I write one thing on it that I am happy about/thankful for. (Especially if it is turning out to be a really rough day at the office....) Sometimes for inspiration I might refer to the book called: "14,000 Things to Be Happy About" by Barbara Ann Kipfer.
    So here are some of my favorite things I was thankful that they made me happy over the last 6 months:
    1) ferris wheel kisses
    2) toddler scribbles on the fridge
    3) mysterious iridescent blue bugs
    4) decorating notebook covers with the foil from gum wrappers
    5) "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"

    Which, could be roughly translated to:
    1) my amazing husband
    2) my adorable son
    3) the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world
    4) being able to find artistic inspiration in the strangest places
    5) being blessed with a very special day with my loving family at my sister's wedding in September.

  4. I have many things to be thankful for, family, friends, job,and more but I have to say the best thing in my life is my 5yr. old niece. I am very close to her and see her often. I cannot even remember what life was like before she was born. She is as close to a daughter as I will come, and just love being with her. It is so refreshing to view life through her eyes, without all the cynical baggage we have as we grow older.

  5. I am thankful for so many things but most especially my husband and the beautiful children we have. I am also thankful that they humor me and put up with me always taking out my camera to capture the moment and then 'scrap it'. This year it is about the simple things - family, friends and good health - they do mean the world to me.

  6. I am very thankful for my wonderful husband. The greatest part about being with him is he came as a package deal. I also got the best in-laws a person could hope for. My mother and father in-law treat me like one of their own children. They are there for us. I feel so much love and warmth from them. I also got 4 great sisters-in-law too. Nothing is better than getting together with the entire family.
    Good friends and family are the best!!

  7. I love the idea for the journal! I'm thankful for my fiance. A man who always sees the best in me and tells me every day. I'm thankful for the support of good friends in hard times and for their laughter in good times. I am thankful for the simple beauty to be found in nature. I am thankful that I have children in my life that remind me how easy it is to have fun. I am thankful every day that I am healthy and content. Life is good.

  8. I am grateful for so many things - many have already been mentioned ! I do have to say I am grateful to be healthy, and that my family is healthy ! Sometimes you take so much for granted and start complaining about all sorts of little things.

  9. I have much to be grateful for, my great husband, awesome kids, a job and plenty of scrapping supplies. I am especially grateful for my sister Kelly who shares my passion for scrapping and cardmaking. We always have fun together no matter what we are doing.

  10. I am grateful for my incredible children who bring so much pride and joy into my life, my dear friends who are always there for me, my work, my home and thankfully all of our good health.

  11. hmmm just five? I try to find something to be grateful for each day...
    1. Always at the top of my list, family, friends, home and a job that lets me live my life.
    2. People who show kindness and respect one and other each day
    3. be living by the ocean, so I can absorb the wonder of nature each day!
    4. whenever I hear a good joke!
    5. today I was ever so grateful for a good cup of coffee sitting in a sunny room with my purring cat on my lap!
    Jenny in Beverly

  12. Well family and children are always at the top of my list...always. So I sat here and thought long and hard and this is what I came up with:

    I am thankful that this miserable arthritis that is infiltrating my back and knees and ankles has NOT infiltrated my hands. I can still create. It's my greatest joy. It's my solace and if I didn't have it I don't think I could make it through the days. I might have to do it standing at the kitchen counter a lot....but I can create, I can stamp and I can scrapbook and I couldn't ask for anything more.

  13. Besides the obvious family, friends, home, health), I'm at my happiest seeing the friendship between my two teen daughters, watching them explore knowledge intensely and our conversations at the dinner table--they are hysterical!! I'm also happy for my eyesight and my hands. There's beauty all around us to see--and with my hands I can work, create and hold those I love.

  14. I'm thankful for so many things, but I'll limit myself to five:

    1. My husband, who is the true joy in my life. Even when I'm having a bad day, I perk up and become happy just by seeing him.

    2. My mom, who has been so much more to me including a friend, mentor, example (of good and not so good), and sounding board for all of life's challenges and celebrations.

    3. My critters, who make me smile and wonder about the world.

    4. Everything that makes me happy--love, friendship, creativity, inspiration, hope, dreams, laughter, and learning.

    5. Every day that I wake up smiling and loving life.

    Ok, I may have cheated a bit on #4, but I'm still saying this list was 5 things. :-)

  15. I'm thankful for my husband who encouraged me to get a hobbie tee children the health of my parents my new outlook on life, and the fun with my sisters that also share scrapping and card making with me don't wanna get in trouble by myself you know!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Last November I made a gratitude wreath. The base is a fake green Christmas wreath. I used small manila tags that I stamped with an image in a soft brown on one side and wrote an I am thankful for statement on the other side with an extrafine brown pen. I then used the tag strings to tie them onto the wreath. There are over one hundred tags on the wreath. I add new tags to it from time to time. What I am most thankful and grateful for is my son Andrew who has grown from a tiny five-week-old adopted baby into a six foot four handsome, thoughtful, creative and talented young man. I can't believe how quickly those twenty-eight years have gone by! Anne, The Woodshed, Maine

  17. WOW there are so many things I am thankful for!

    1) My family, I have the best parents in the world! They spoil me to death LOL. my dad is an amazing cook, and my mom is such a hard working woman, they are amazing!

    2) My niece, She is the funniest girl ever! I never knew you could love a child so much until she came into my world 2 years ago! I love her so much, and we always have a great time together!

    3) My hobbies, I am very very greatful to have my crafting hobbies. Just to be able to buy the supplies for my addiction (lol) I am very greatful! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't do my crafts.

    4)My nana, she is like a second mother to me! I love her with all my heart. She does so much for me and my family, I am so blessed to have her in my life! I don't know what I would do without her! She taught me how to knit, and I enjoy every minute of it. We also play cards together, and we laugh and have a great time.

    5) My job, I am very very blessed to have my own pet sitting and dog walking company. I get to be my own boss, and control my hours, and to just plain have fun with dogs, cats, ect. I don't have to sit in an office all day, I can be outside, walking, getting fresh air. I just love playing outside with the pups. I thank god everyday for giving me a special gift with animals, I just love them all!!


  18. Definitely hard to pick 5...but here goes...
    1) family, friends, and fur-babies!
    2) a great cup of coffee.
    3) snow days that turn into pajama days.
    4) beautiful days to go for a walk.
    5) scrapbooking with my galpals!

    Teri W

  19. Hard to just select just 5, but on the top of the list and most importantly are my family and friends. A good cup of tea. Reconnecting with a friend I was close to in high school this spring. Being creative and able to share that with others. A job that supports me and my wonderful hobbies.

  20. For a loving heavenly father
    For my family
    For the love they show me
    For the Grandchildren and now Great Grandchildren
    That keep me young and laughing and even for the problems.
    For the continued strength and love of my husband, who as they say, didn't have to be the man and father, that he's been to my children and grands...

  21. I am thankful for getting a break from school and work to go see my boyfriend down in Virginia. :)

  22. what am i thankful no particular order
    my husband of 34 loving years!
    my home ( my sister just lost hers in a fire)
    my friends
    my sisters and brothers and their families
    doing my best to always see that the cup is half fulland not half empty!!!!!

  23. Hi Kate,
    What a lovely way to commemorate your birthday month and the month we celebrate a day for thanks!

    I know that when we acknowledge and recognize what we are grateful for, we have more to be grateful for because what we put our attention on grows!

    I am so grateful for my loving, patient and hard-working husband. He is truly a gift in my life.

    I am so blessed by my family and friends. They share my joy and and divide my sorrows.

    I am very thankful for the opportunities in my life to have work that I love and play (paper play!) that sustains and feeds my creative energies!

    And I'm really grateful for all the wonderful artists and inspiration I've found through AE, and all the talented, giving blog writers in cyber world.

    As someone reflected to me recently, every day we have is a day to be appreciated. I am grateful for today!

  24. I am thankful for my children. They are good kids even without the influence of their father. I am thankful to have found a wonderful man to become engaged too after being a single mother for almost 16 years. I am thankful to have God in my life - what more can you be thankful for.

  25. I have so much to be thankful for, but right now, at 8 months pregnant, I am most thankful that the twins I am carrying are developing normally and that I myself remain healthy--a bit uncomfortable, yes...but that's a small price to pay for being able to hold to beautiful babies in my arms very soon!

  26. I lost my job to a layoff earlier this year, but am thankful to have a husband with a growing business, many good friends, the ability to freelance and an opportunity for a new career. And my art supplies!

    I'm also a November b-day, born on the 5th. When's your birthday, Kate? Scorpios rule!