Monday, October 19, 2009

I forgot to post this photo in my latest newsletter, but this is a great book that has just come in...lots of great tips and iinspirations...
Right now I am working on my samples for the Christmas album-in-a-day, the 12 Books ofChristmas in a box, and the 12 days of Christmas printers tray...also we are celebrating our family christmas on Dec 19, as that is when all the kids , all four, can be honestly??...on Dec. 20, I am ready to move on...maybe I will start shopping for next year...
This is the prize for the person who is chosen randomly from
this week's group of respondents. Just post an answer to the
and your entry will be entered to win. Here is the question... Describe your most memorable art project, collage, scrapbook, set of cards, etc...whatever it was, tell us about it.
OK, technically, that is not a question, but let's just say it is.


  1. Hi Kate,
    I enjoy reading your blog. I'm primarily a stamper/cardmaker so my fave project was little out of my comfort zone! I intended to create a scrapbook page with photos for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary, but that morphed into an altered collage frame with lots of embellishments, memorabilia and fun stuff! It was truly a labor of love that they treasure and I enjoyed creating!

  2. There is no way i can pick just one! So here are some favorites I think of again and again, in no particular order:

    ~ The "Ten With Tim" collage I created w/friends for your store's 10th Anniversary!
    ~ any of the gaziliion minibooks I have made of my nephew or my dog
    ~ any scrapbook pages about my hubs and me
    ~ any projects I have made with my Mom!
    ~ all of the projects from the many classes I have taken with Tim
    ~ a "week in the life" album I made with Ali Edwards at CKU-A in '05
    ~ the autumn journals I create each year and fill in as the season progresses
    ~ I do the same for the month of December
    ~ several altered canvases that I treasure
    ~ my art journals

  3. My favorite scrapbook is the one I made with pictures from my son's prom. He had cerebral palsy and it was the first prom that they had had!! I just loved doing the book and wanted it to never end!

  4. The first of the favorites that came to mind was the set of thank you cards I made for a friend who had gone above and beyond! Each one used a beautiful, large Prima flower and I stamped, embossed and used sheer ribbon that matched the flower's color. I loved them and so did she!

  5. I made a perpetual calendar like the one that used to hang in your store on a cookie sheet with the numbers stored the back...It hangs in my kitchen for everyone to admire, ask about, and want to replicate. As a special favor to a cousin's husband, I made him one all about Yankees. I know, it's tough, being a Red Sox fan and I made all the #s dark blue, set in bottlecaps, like the college numbering font, and made retired #s of the Yankees light blue. So I wouldn't absolutely pass out from all the Yankees stuff, I made a few #s red for the retired Red Sox players. It was such an awesome project that I know he loved. I also made him a matching magnet set to embellish of Yankees graphics and his fav. player.

  6. When my daughter was graduationg from High School I made her a scrapbook that took her from birth through High School. On the last page I wrote her a letter talking about what she meant to me and what a special person she had become. It was a trip down memory lane for me and a treasure for her to pass along to her children someday....

  7. My favorite project was the beginning of my interest in scrapbooking. I decided when my oldest daughter was in high school to create a scrapbook of all the school momentos that I had saved for her over the years. Of course this turned into four scrapbook albums. This is my favorite because it was a labor of love that took over 2 years to make that I did in secret, but ironically it is probably my worse work because it was my first attempt at scrapping. However, I would not change a thing about them.

  8. I have multiple scrapbooks going (wedding, honeymoon, vacations, pets, etc.), but my favorite project to show off was a set of playing cards I made featuring our bearded dragon, Aztec. This was my first and only digital scrapbooking project, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. For each card, I included a picture of our little guy, facts about him, or facts about this breed of lizard. It took a lot of time to complete this project, but the end result was pretty amazing. We never play with the cards, but we love having them and showing them off.

  9. My most memorable scrapbook/collage effort was capturing my 6 year old son's hockey championship win from his first hockey season. It was his first year skating on a team - the average age of the players was 6 - and yet they looked like they had just won the Stanley Cup! Having those photos to look back on helps me 'go back' to that moment in time when he knelt on the ice, the US anthem playing on the loud speaker and the look on his face as they hung the medal on his neck. I love that book!

  10. When I was in high school, oh so many years ago, my mom let me collage the entire back of my bedroom door. It is covered with photos of friends, rock stars, magazine ads and lots of other memories of the early 70's. When we sold her house I brought it home, and now have a giant piece of "memory art" in my playroom.

  11. Hello,
    My most memorable craft project was a 25th Anniversary framed collage that I made for my husband to commemorate our 25 years together. I had a very hard time choosing which pictures would grace the collage ---so many to choose from after living with him and 2 children for a quarter of a century! I embellished the photo mat with silver rub on lettering and swirls in between the pictures. He loved it! It is still hanging up in my hall and I get very sentimental each time I glance at my little son or daughter's pictures along with our own. My favorite picture is the one where I am 8 months pregnant for my first baby and my husband and I had just refurbished my old chiffarobe (bureau with a door and drawers) from my childhood!

  12. I think the most memorable project I've ever made is an Altered Book I created to celebrate my Grandparents. My Grandfather had been an avid scrapbooker, born in good at labeling his picts and putting them in upon moving back to the area and missing them soo much...they had since passed on! I now have an AMAZING memorial to two people I loved sssooo much, that I share it with everyone I get the chance too!