Sunday, September 13, 2009

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late. " That is my contribution to the quote/mini book idea...I am thinking abut using the images of hands, stars, snowflakes, time/clocks...some of my favorite images...who knows, maybe it will turn up as a class at AbsolutelyEverything!!
Anyway...remember in the last post, I told you about that pumpkin punch...turns out it was last year's special edition from Fiskars and they have no if you find it anywhere, you are very lucky!!
The winner from last week's quote response was generated using the system., and the name is announced in this week's newsletter. (if you need to sign up for the newsletter, there is a place to do that on this main blog page, along the left hand side.)
So, here is this week's question. It is more personal, and will require some thought and pondering...I saw it somewhere on someone's blog..wish i could take the credit but I love the concept, so I am borrowing it. This could definitely become a mini-book. Here's the big Q!
"If you had to tell someone about yourself, who you really are, by taking them to six different places, where would you go?" I will definitely be throwing my two cents in here with my answer, but I will have to give it some thought first. (I may even be including a bit of the Why? that place? in my response...hmm...could get a bit long...feel free to skip the boring parts.) Thank you to whomever it is out there in blogville who first had this idea. I tried it last night with my family and it generates a great conversation.
Feel free to answer with as much detail or as little, playfully or seriously, in depth or whatever is the opposite of that...I already know that I have to put my summer camp on the list...14 summers...of heaven!! Here is the a photo of the newest prize package...more Halloween papers and embellishments...
I have a few cool ideas for some cards...I will try to get those photos and directions up this week...keep an eye out for them.


  1. HMMM.

  2. the rocks in West Dennis, Cape Cod
    King Street, Bristol, CT
    my basement
    birthplace, Frankfurt, Germany
    my home, Portsmouth, NH
    my kitchen

  3. wow, the questions are getting harder!
    1. My home
    2. The White Mountains
    3. Lake Wentworth
    4. The Desert
    5. The classroom where I teach
    6. My parent's backyard

  4. my garden
    my workshop/art dept.,/studio
    my house
    Santa Fe
    anywhere on the west coast
    an Audubon sanctuary

  5. Arizona
    Las Vegas
    my new kitchen
    my craft room
    my home office
    Absolutely Everything

  6. Peaceful locations anywhere

    Orlando, Florida

    Spur of the moment car trips to ....... for supplies.

    Teaching youth to craft

    Being with friends and family
    I am sure that as I think about this more the list will grow.

  7. Walker Creek, W. Gloucester, MA
    "Major Art" class
    my college
    Washington DC
    S. California
    Presque Isle, ME

  8. My first idenity is an immigrant and I would go to Ellis Island with pride. This is a magnificent country!! and I am so appreciate of it. Journey on to England, the land of my birth that I love to travel to and where part of my heart resides. Hop over to Europe and visit a multitude of countries that would propel me beyond six. Over to the Orient where I love Tokyo because of its absolute peace and beauty in every aspect of living. To reve me up slip into Shanghai or Hong Kong where excitement, crowds and great food seduce me. I can't identify a concrete home because that is actually whenever I am with family. Put me in school where I continue to learn new facets of life at age 65. Sit with me by the ocean to feel the expanse of the earth and tell me about your life and what you think and fee.

  9. This is such a great question - I really had to think about it but came up with some wonderful places (in my eyes)

    The Parker River (where I grew up pulling lobster traps with my dad and picking flowers on the river banks with my Nana)
    Bradford College (where I found out what I wanted to be when I grew up)
    Denver, Colorado (where I flew to for a date (with my now husband)

    The USS Intrepid, NYC (where he proposed)
    Beverly Hospital (where we welcomed our kids into this world)
    & Back to the River (where we now live raising our kids!)
    I NEED to make this book!

  10. my locations.....
    Ireland, field behind my Mother's home, Maui, my scraproom, my deck and a rocky beach in Yarmouth,ME.

  11. Jenny B - Beverly

    Cape Ann coastline
    Beverly MA
    Safari in Africa
    Brugge, Belgium
    Disney World

  12. kate-
    this idea came from YOUR blog!!! emily used a quote from john kotre (i just looked at all of the quotes people submitted) and there it was! so it's a good thing that your doing're getting ideas!

    so, six places to go so people will know who i am ....
    pemaquid point, maine
    venice, italy
    napa valley, california
    new york city
    anywhere on the swift river, new hampshire

    sandy f (in nh)

  13. 1)Absolutely Everything for Creativity and inspiration
    2) Antique Mall in anytown, USA for altered art stuff
    3) Acadia National Park, Maine for peace and beauty
    4) My craft room for quite and creative time
    5) My gardens for beauty and to work off any angst
    6) in the car with my husband, because it is an adventure whenever we are on the road together

  14. Long Beach NY boardwalk
    Top of McGraw belltower, Ithaca NY
    Just outside the front door to my house
    Anywhere I can bring my knitting
    Boston University Medical Center
    In my car (where I spend too much time)

  15. - Home with my family
    - Rubber stamping and scrapbooking with my nieces and my friends at the dining room table
    - A Boy Scout Troop 87 meeting watching my sons and their friends grow into AWESOME men!
    - Anywhere with my sisters
    - Stock Car race tracks or watching NASCAR
    - Fitchburg State College to see my son

  16. This question really got me thinking but here's me:
    *My home in my hometown - because that's where my roots are and set my life's foundation
    *My kitchen - because the family seems to gather there
    *My garden - because it's full of,critters...color, color, color, peace and inspiration
    *My work office - here I stretch my intellect and decision making (and earn $$ to fund my craft addiction)
    *My Craft room - here is where I stretch my imagination, create and rejuvinate
    *Next to my husband - no matter where he is - because WHAT better place is there?

  17. There are in no particular order...

    * The White Mts in NH, specifically around the Kancamagus Highay

    * My craft room (pretty much fully stocked by Absolutely Everything, so I could take them there, too! lol) ... because in my craft room is where my creative imagination is the most free

    * Anyplace that my husband and dog, my parents, my brother and nephew are ... because they are all my reason for living

    * A Duran Duran or U2 concert, or a Patriots game

    * The ocean ... particularly swimming with dolphins which I have been blessed to do many times

    * Greece ... it is the land of my ancestors

  18. 1. my house. I grew up in this house and it reflects the true me. eclectic.
    2. my street. I live rurally with woods behind me and on a quiet dead end street. I am a country girl.
    3. the rock cropping that is in the forest at the top of the hill. Beautiful nature and color in the fall. I like the serenity and colors.
    4. my parent's house on a Saturday night so you could eat dinner with the family...we have about 15 every Saturday!
    5. work. and volunteer work. I do it because I like to do help others.
    6. AE. of course. If it wasn't for Tobey taking me there, I would have more money in the bank but less goodies to create with!

  19. 1. My car because I spend so much time in it driving children everywhere.
    2. Obviously - Absolutely Everything
    3. My house on any holiday for dinner with ALL the kids - no need to reserve a seat - all are welcome!
    4. The fireworks on a Saturday night at Salisbury Beach
    5. Scrapbooking with friends on the weekend.
    6. Walking in my neighborhood at night - peace at last!

  20. 1. My house any day, any time, it is where I am the happiest.
    2. The inside of my purse...oh come on we all have our personalities there.
    3. My closet because there are no skeletons just a lot of ways of expressing my personality.
    4. My Italian inlaws on a Sunday, just trust me.
    5. My daughters rooms to understand my love and tolerance.
    6. Around my husband to see how lucky I am.

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  22. Home shows my true personality
    Dance class is where I work and create
    AE because I love crafting so much
    The beach is my place to relax and regroup, even in the middle of winter
    Richardson's ice cream because I am an addict
    A merry go round because my life is sometimes out of control

  23. WOW Some amazing places everyone has posted!!

    My 6 places would have to be:

    1)Two lakes camping area in Maine: I Love to go fishing and riding in the boat, it's so much fun!!

    2)CoCo Kay Island:Took a family cruise there during christmas time, it was the most amazing time of my life, I would do anything to go back there again!

    3)Of course Absolutely Everything!! This store is where I really got into the card making world! I was a scrapbooker at first and now I am totally sucked into making cards and whatever else!! I always have such an amazing time at this store!!

    4) Hamilton Mass: I grew up in this town, I have never lived in another town!! I have lots of family here, and it's a very nice little town.

    5) My nana's house: I have always and still do Love going to my Nana's house, she is like a second mother to me. She taught me how to knit, and we knit together all the time. I love going to her house for dinner, she is the best cook!! I am so spoiled by her!!! hehe!

    6) The cheesecake Factory!! My most favorite place to eat!! The food there is soooooo yummy! and the cheesecake is to die for!!! It's a great place to take family and friends and just catch up and have a good time!


  24. My six places would be:

    1.My old bedroom at my parents house.

    2. Dairy Queen

    3. Home with my family :)

    4. West Beach in Beverly Farms

    5. My scrap room

    6. St Richards Church in Danvers