Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things to Do With a Recovered Book

Click the title of this article above to see what I wrote in a recent newsletter about recovering an old book. Now, here are some ideas of what to do with this gorgeous paper masterpiece.
1. Sew some new pages (made from folded cardstock) back into it, with waxed linen. Decorate the outside with beads as you attach the pages.
2.Take one of those metal page attachers (long skinny, with two prongs that reach up and you slip a long metal piece over both of them and then push each one down flat...clear??...we sell them here.) and attach cardstock in waterfall fashion (each successive page is a bit longer than the one on top of it, and make a photo album.
3. Use the "bind-it-all" machine to create a "booklet" with the right size pages for your cover, and glue in the last page to the back cover. (Now these pages can be anything..all envelopes, sheet music, old postcards...) Be sure the coils you use will fit inside the closed book.
4. If it is a thin book cover to begin with, use it as a double frame for photos, to stand open on the mantle.
5. Be crazy and put in paper that is too big for the cover so it sticks out on the sides or top.
6. Add pages that are folded so that when you open the book, the page folds out, or up, etc .
7. Glue the bottom of a properly-sized-for-the-book box-just the bottom piece (after you have painted or covered it to match the book) onto the back cover so that it becomes a book box.
8. Make an accordion fold that just fits the top and bottom edge of the book, about 4 folds, each about 3/4 inch, and as long as the book is wide. Glue this into the book to create a big accordion holder, for important papers, or love letters (well, if you are going to do love letters, I would throw in a perfumed hanky or two, just for effect.)

So, now I am inviting all of you to make additions to this list. Just go to the comments area below and throw in your two cents. I would love to see some new ideas!


  1. Great ideas, Kate! Thank you! I love getting the Newsletter! Even when I am away working (like this last week), I get to go online and pretend I am in the store! Don't feel too sorry for me, I was working in Puerto Rico. Yes, they have a Scrapbooking store there and it was really fun to visit. Of course, all the stamps were in Spanish, but what the heck! Book Cover idea...that is why I am writing. I just gave one of these to my niece for graduation. Inside, I put a necklace and a bracelet (both I learned to make at AE). I hung the jewelry from pretty gold tacks that I bent over and covered with embellishments. She loved it! Of course, I slipped in a check, too. The book was a great grad theme gift package.

  2. I need some pics! I'm coming to visit the store next week and I can't wait. :D

  3. I would add some fabric pieces and wallpaper samples. Also metal flashing to recover the exterior of the book. A coupel pieces of canvas paper with lots of paint and collage papers on it. Also ya have to add a paper doll! Life is too short not to have a paper doll added to everything!

  4. I just found your site, and store, how wonderful and not too far away from NJ!
    As for book ideas:
    1.Take old book covers, front and back, gather around 8 or 10 if possible and turn them into a book, either punch three holes in them, lace up, attach a piece of fabric for the binding, and embellish the book. I use fairy tale covers for mine!
    2. Turn them into 3-D pages turning each page into a favorite theme.
    3. Glue some pages together, leave some alone, make a book and assemblage in one.

    For examples of my books/works and my workshops visit my blog!

    Hope these came in handy
    Magic and Joy!