Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Please give me your feedback!

I am writing now about the bus trip and the newsletter that I send out every Wednesday evening. If you do not get the newsletter, you can sign up for it on the website, go to the "news" page and take it from there.

My newsletter for tonight, for which I am seconds away from pushing the "send" button, is long-ish. But that tends to be my style. Please let me know what you think...too long?...too stupid?...not enough pictures? are too big...I will listen to everything you say.

Also, we had what I would consider a very successful bus trip last Saturday, among our own store and four other Mass stores. I have been hearing great reports about it all...even the other store owners were pleased...apparently none of my customers threw any of the tantrums they are so famous for displaying here...but that's another story.

Thank you to our wonderful "bus mothers," Gloria and Barbara, and to the other four stores for opening up to all of us. I am pretty sure we will do it again. Please let me know if you liked it, what you would change, what you would keep the same. I am happy to hear from riders from the other four stores, too. I have to say that I truly enjoyed meeting everyone and loved all the enthusiasm. There's nothing quite as nice as when someone else really loves exactly what you love.


  1. I loved the bus trip. The food was great. The bus driver was very nice. It was great to see other stores, it is amazing how different each store was and what a variety of products they carried. We all got some amazing bus prizes. All the stores had great products to give away. Who doesn't like a discount? Good company, great bus mothers, yummy food at every store, make and takes I could go on and on. I would love to go again. Thanks for organizing a wonderful day. PS I love your newsletter it is just right.

  2. I LOVE the pictures of the new product in the store. I would love to see more, in the newsletter or the blog!

  3. The bus trip was great! The make and takes were all so different and fun, and every store really did have a nice mix of different product. It must have been a "logistical nightmare" to put together with all those buses arriving and leaving but never meeting. Great job! The food and the prizes were amazing!
    I like the newsletter just the way it is!

  4. I came in to the store thinking oh great the Bus trip is today, it will be quiet! I don't know why it didn't occur to me that you would have bus loads at your store too! At first I was a little overwhelmed but really enjoyed meeting all the scrappers and the helpful hints they pointed out. They helped me add $100 to my scrapbooking supply collection!

    Lori Johnson

  5. I didn't go on the bus tour, but I'm here to comment on your newsletter; I LOVE IT! I was so upset when you emailed that the letter was changing to Wednesday (how could I wait that long?). But, I must admit, the Wednesday "edition" is looked forward to with much glee. After all, Wednesday isn't the best day of the week, you still have two more work days. but we have Kate to read! I love seeing all of the pictures that you can put in there and yu can type away till your fingers say stop! Please, continue being you, I get a smile on my face and a chuckle in my belly when I read your emails and blogs.

    Sandy in NH

  6. It's GREAT! It's GREAT! I love the Newsletter! I love seeing pictures of products and class samples. Please keep the Schedule box with class dates and times. I like seeing quickly what classes are happening during the week. Is Jenn's class really at 3 AM at the Pub? Sign me up! :) I also like knowing what supplies to bring. Please keep putting the Blog link in every Newsletter. I have an attention span of 3 seconds and I always have trouble locating the Blog. Something quirky there. Much easier with a link. Thank you Kate for bringing your wonderful charm and joy to us all! Now, get some rest!

    Dr. London

  7. Love your newsletter. I think it's a riot!

    I wasn't able to make the bus trip but I want to read more about it!

    Great job on the blog!

  8. I was a participant on this past weekend's bus tour (I came from Right at Home) and I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your wonderful kindness and generosity to all of us rabid scrapbookers let loose in your candy store! Your staff was so amazing - helpful, kind and smiling despite the fact that they had to be exhausted. I loved the make and take project and was so happy to see the teacher from Ranger...what a treat! Thank you again for all that you did to make the day a special one for so many of us. I'll be sure to plan a trip to visit again soon...your store absolutely rocks! :)

    (and I'm so sorry I missed out on the newsletter somehow - I know I signed up!)

  9. Hi Kate -- I love your newsletter!! Please don't tell my family but I look forward to your newsletter just as much as I do emails from them :) I love your sense of humor, it makes elevates the whole thing from advertising to a fun read filled with personality. I think you put enough photos, but I wouldn't mind seeing more photos...of the products and the class projects -- they really whet my appetite, it's like a pre-shopping-spree shopping spree. Especially since I live kinda far away (45 minutes) it helps to get an idea if you have something new I REALLY want before I drive over. And you never do fail to have something (and more than likely MANY SOMETHINGS) I REALLY WANT!!
    Cybele Flematti

  10. Dear Kate, don't stop the newletter, I can't wait for Wed. to come around so I can print if off and re-read it until the next one comes out. (I know, I'm not doing the trees any favors but they understand) I love the blog too. Everything works well together. The pictures, the articles, the class descriptions, everything.
    As to the bus trip, I thought it was great. To not have to drive, to go to different stores to see what they offer, the make-n-takes were nice, the hospitality was gracious, it was just a really nice day. I look forward to next year's trip.
    Kate, thank you and your staff for always making me feel extra special. You have the best staff anywhere. You have made my life a lot nicer. Every time I come into the store, I feel like I'm coming home. I feel so honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know you all. And Kate, thank you for being you, you are a truly great lady.
    Barbara M (mother)