Monday, May 5, 2008

German Scrap

Here is the German Scrap that I have found. (i/s means in stock, o/o means we sold out already so it is "on order" and it will be back here in a few days.) I am trying to describe it as well as I can, so I will list how many rows and how long it is as well as the price. Sorry this is such a long post but I am a novice in setting up these blog pages.

6 rows small florets-20 inches $6.50 i/s

12 rows tiny florets-20 inches $6.50 i/s

10 rows scalloped 22 inches $6.50 o/o

multiple styles 7 rows 12 inches $8.00 i/s

holly 10 leaves per row, 5 rows, 15 inches $6.50 i/s

wings, set of 4 6x6 inches whole set, $3.75 i/s

really a bright metallic pink, 23 in., tiny scallop, 16 rows, $6.50 i/s

same size as above, white, $6.50 i/s

jagged scallop, 23 in., 12 rows $6.50 i/s

jagged scallop, 12 rows, 23 in., $6.50 i/s

lattice border, 4 rows, 23 in. $8.00 i/s

red mini scallop, 23 in., 16 rows, $6.50 i/s

set of 24 wings $3.75 i/s

set of 24 medallions, all different , 6x8 in. whole sheet, $10.75 i/s

very narrow, blue metallic, 24 rows, 26 inches, $6.50 i/s

black scallop border, 23 inches, 10 rows, $6.50


  1. WOWZA!!! That's dang cool looking!!!

  2. thanks for showing us how to do the recovered book; i like mine a lot :)
    have a nice weekend and wish i could make it to the yard sale!