Saturday, May 11, 2013

When we hear about, and are affected by, the results of the tragedy that occured at the Boston Marathon, we all ask ourselves "What can I do?" It is a time to look toward our own strengths and offer what we can.

We are stampers, so this is what we do. We have commissioned a stamp that says "Boston Strong,"

It isn't even here yet, so I have no projects done with it yet. It is being made for us by Hero Arts, and they are donating their entire profit from the stamp to the One Fund: Boston. We will donate our entire profit from the stamp also to the One Fund;Boston. The size of the stamp is roughly 2.5 x 3.5 inches. (Remember, I haven't seen it yet.) There is a picture, roughly, in the May 3 newsletter.

What to do with the stamp??? Place it on your envelopes, back and/or front...keep the awareness of the strength we have inside of us as a group constantly present. You can also make patriotic cards, for now or the July holiday. I plan on using mine on every bill and other piece of mail that goes out....emboss it, glitter it...make it come alive!! (Make pins, or holiday ornaments, iron it on to t-shirts!!)

We are now taking prepaid pre-orders. The stamp itself is $8.00, and the stamp along with a one-inch black ink cube is $10. Shipping is $2.50 for one stamp, $3.50 for two stamps, $4.50 for three stamps, and $5.05 for any number after three. Shipping will be added, if we are doing mail order for you. Terri tells me she will get this up onto the online store, in the "what's new?" section as soon as she can. If you don't see it, you can order by calling the store. (978-887-6397)

Anyone who wants to be part of our "Boston Strong" Display that we will put up in the store is invited to send in a card, using the stamp somehow, and with whatever else you want to add to the card...or keep it plain and simple...your choice. I'll post more on this once the stamp is here. We are told to expect it next week.

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