Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boston Strong Stamp is Here!!

We are delighted that Hero Arts has joined us in this venture, to create a rubber stamp that we can use to raise money and  spread our feelings of support for everyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombing.  We are selling the stamp for $8.00, and if you want to give one to a non-stamping friend, you can add a one-inch ink cube in black, red, or blue, for an extra $2.00.
I made up the envelope to show you how to explain to people how to use the stamp...basically, add it to all your outgoing mail...or make a pin with it...or make a hanging ornament (no need to wait for the holidays!)...but we are stampers, so this is what we do...we make cards, or add it to scrapbook pages...

I created the two-color image by making my own stamp pad (Using a trick taught to us all by the one and only Tim Holtz.)  Take some Cut 'n'Dry Felt, by Ranger, and trim it to the exact size of the stamp. Decide where you want the ink, and add the colors right out of the re-inker bottle. In this case, I used the poppy red and indigo blue reinkers  from Tsukineko.  Where the ink meets another color it just stops and won't bleed into it to any great extent.
Now you can position the stamp right over the pad and ink it up.  It is a good idea to keep the ink pad moist by sealing it in a plastic bag between use...nothing fancy necessary.  If you would prefer, we have the red and blue ink pads in the small size and it is easy to add the two colors this way, too.

We are inviting everyone to join us in this fundraising effort. Hero arts is donating any profits from the sale of the stamp to the OneFundBoston, as are we. All profits from our sale of the stamp will go directly to the OneFundBoston. So, if we need to mail it, you will understand why we need to charge postage.

We will have a "Boston Strong" wall where we will post any and all cards and envelopes, as well as altered art projects, using the Boston Strong rubber stamp.I will keep you all posted if we receive anything to put up.  Fingers crossed.

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