Sunday, January 3, 2010

Inventory put off until 1 pm

I just sent an e mail to everyone on the e mail list...sorry if you are not involved but it was the best way to let everyone know that we will push the starting time of inventory today back to 1 pm...I will reassess again at 11 or 11:30 to see if we need to postpone until will all depend on the condition of the roads. We are hardy New Englanders, I know, but I want us all to be safe. So, as of this moment, 7 am on Sunday morning, we are "on hold" until this afternoon.


  1. Thanks! Our little band of counters (three or four of us) are dug out and ready to go - if we're on for later Sunday. We await the word! I think all or most of us could also help out on Monday if necessary, too, as long as we can come during the hours the kids are in school.
    Hope to see you soon -
    Pam Bybell (and gang)

  2. Well i just looked out my window it is still snowing at 10:40 & they are saying it will be snow through out the day I don't think it would be safe or a good idea for anyone to be out in this. But if you think so I am sure you might get some people. I think tomorrow probably would be better & safer.

  3. I'm looking out my window, and I don't see anything falling. I see a few stray flakes from the roof, but nothing bad. I'm still on if you are!

  4. Hi, Just finished shoveling out - will not be able to make today but can do tomorrow if needed- will be happy to help then, just let me know!! TKS and good luck
    Cheryl Robbins

  5. I'm hoping she will update the blog and let us know either way, as I am traveling from NH (over an hour drive) and would have to leave at 11:30 to make it on time. I am finally dug out here and can make it now. Wouldn't have been able to be there at 8:30 this morning (and emailed such before I saw the updates this morning.) Hope to see some of you today or tomorrow! Barbara Doyle

  6. Hi, I are pretty much shoveled out and ready to go , however, I had made previous plans for later this afternoon ( still celebrating Christmas with friends). I can certainly help on Monday.
    Karen Tatro

  7. Sorry Kate, I can't do this afternoon or Monday. Hope to help next year!

  8. Cathy B and Sandy MJanuary 3, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    Was prepared to head out early this morning but now it will take me an hour just to clean the car off. My buddy in JP isn't sure she'll get a parking space when she gets back. We were really looking forward to this day. We are both unable to make it tomorrow (work) but could do next Sunday; however, I'm sure you need to get this inventory done soon. We'll try for next year. Be safe and thanks again for the invitation to help.

    Cathy B, North Reading and Sandy M from JP.

  9. Hi Kate
    I just want to know if we are definitely a go?????

    Could you update us please? Thanks