Sunday, January 3, 2010

Inventory is on!!

As they say, "Come on down!!" We are here and starting to get into the whole counting groove...we will still have a bit of shopping time for you...until 1:30 and then the counting will start in earnest. You will get 20% off anything you buy now...we will put int into the register and you will pay for it. When you leave, you will hand us a card with your hours worked, and we will enter some $$ into your store credit which you can spend til it is gone also at 20% off. We are having heavy h'ordeuvres (pizza!) at 4 those of you who will need to eat sunday dinner with family can still do that..we will stay here counting til we are done though...I do have a delightful little treat for everyone who makes it, so we will be happy to see all your lovely faces whenever you can get here. The driving seems to be fine...most of the roads down here are down to wet pavement...or plowed really, really well. Drive carefully!


  1. I will be there. Warming up the van as I type.

  2. you got my juices going again. I'm heading out in a little bit. I'll be there but Sandy cannot make it. Hold the register open....

    Cathy B - North Reading