Saturday, March 1, 2008

It has probably happened to all of you at one time or another. You are explaining to your ______fill in the blank-husband, wife, children, parents, neighbor, college roommate, best friend, mailman (Wow...if you are telling the mailman, maybe you should try to get out more and make a few friends.)....anyway, you are trying to tell them exactly what it is you do with all these art supplies you have....and they are looking at you like you have three heads (not that there's anything wrong with that, for those of you who really do.) It is truly each other within this art form that really understands and "gets" what it is all about for each of us.

To illustrate, I will relate a little story about what my children (all in their 20s) think we are all like. They think we sit around and tell jokes and funny stories about our art supplies, using language known only to us! We would probably say something like (according to them)..."So, you guys are NOT going to believe what happened in my art room the other day..." and on & on the story would go, until by the end of the incredibly captivating story to all my listeners, with everyone on the edge of their seats waiting to hear the next word...I arrive at the punchline of the whole thing...and blurt out.."it was... (now tears of laughter are forming in my eyes, and everyone else is ready to explode) was the EMBOSSING POWDER!!!"" which point everyone within earshot screams with delight, some people even falling off their chairs in hysteria...

Yes, this is how they see me. I mean, really, embossing powder??? How funny has embossing powder ever really been?. .Now, glitter...that's a whole different ballgame...


  1. You're friggin' hilarious!

    Heard you have Wendy Vecchi coming, nice!

  2. You may not have told an actual story with Embossing Powder as the punchline, but it certainly made me laugh in this here story!!! I laughed out-loud. AND, I'm going to USE Embossing Powder as a punchline at the next crop I go to, regardless of the story.

    Love the blog and the updates and hope to get back to visit soon! (We met once - I used to work with Laurie at The Scrapbookers Dream)