Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Great Idea

OK, it's official, I'm a terrible blogger..but I am determined to do better...meaning post more frequently. That said, here is a little inspiration for you. At the last meeting of the Not-Your-Ordinary-Book-Club which we had here at the store, Teresa brought back in her album that she had shown us the month before so I could take a few photos.She also explained what she did and I am paraphrasing here.

This is an "Entire Family" project, as Teresa says, and people are disappointed if they have failed to send in their entry. It is a yearly Family Recipe and Activity-Update album. Teresa tells everyone in the family, well ahead of time, to send in a recipe of their own along with whatever happened to them that year. So everyone gets to choose what to say about themsleves. Then Teresa puts it all together in an album (12 x 12) and decorates all the pages. The album makes its yearly debut on Christmas Eve when everyone is present. Teresa keeps the original and makes color copies for everyone to take with them. So, these guys not only have all the treasured family recipes, but also an ongoing history of everyone in the family, year by year.
Below are some photos of some of the pages in Teresa's album.


  1. This is a wonderful idea for any family, especially those who live far apart.
    Love the little "A" & "E" on your blog, Kate.

  2. So glad to see you working the blog again Kate...I check daily and when I see nothing new, I go back to your newsletter for the past week and get my fill Of "Absolutely Everything"!

    Sandy in NH

  3. Kate, this is a comment to the newsletter not the blog...PLEASE PLEASE convince Teesha Moore to come!!!!! I would just about die to take a class/journaling weekend with her.
    Happy Spring!!
    Cybele Flematti

  4. Where's an update Kate! haha!