Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sale at AE

We are making way for the new 2008 product that will be arriving shortly. So, here's the deal. All calendar items are 50% off. If it's a calendar, or is calendar related (eg, paper) then it is half price.
Also, as part of the sale, all clear stamps are 30% off. (Note exceptions-brand new Hero Arts sets and the one new Valentine set form Memory Box.) However, as you may notice in the photo, we have literally millions of other sets that are included in the sale.
And, books, books, books..yes, the books on the green shelves in the back (which is just about every book we have) are all 30% off. That's paperback and hardcover...really, is there such a thing as too many books?

1 comment:

  1. Kate, I wait so impatiently every Sunday for your newsletter and yet again, I have a list of must haves!!! Will you be ordering more of those spinning organizers? I can't believe I spent 4 hours there last week and missed this!!! I have wanted one for so long but refuse to pay Pottery Barn the obscene amount they want.

    I'll be in this week. I need that 2 Scoops! I KNEW you would NOT disappoint! :)