Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hey Everyone!!
Here's my first 2008 entry...so I guess it's appropriate to say Happy New Year to everyone. I'm looking forward to lots of new things this year...techniques, papers, inks, paints, boxes, mini-books, jewelry, etc.

Robin Beam will be here in April, early on...and Robin is a very talented jewelry person...so we may be getting in some beads and "stuff" that goes with it when she comes.

Laurie Mika's class, in March, on Clay mosaics is full but Laurie has promised to return sometime soon. In the meantime, we can share with you what we learn (and by "we" I really mean "me' as I am taking the class with her myself.)

Micheal deMeng will be back the weekend of May 30 for more fun and games. Stay tuned for those details.

Aside from Valentine projects, I am looking forward to the whole organization series we are doing, as well as hoping to fit in time for lots of mini-books and complex paper structures. We have a very cool folder in the store right now, which will be taught in assorted classes, e.g. the Tuesday Breakfsst Club, the Thursday Artful Cafe, and possibly a few more. We have already done it in the Not-Your-Ordinary-Book-Club, with great success. It can take any theme and I encourage you to come in and take a peek.

Also, we are charging full-steam ahead with "kits" for all the Creative Cafe projects that we present. Watch the weekly e mails for info on those. I'll write more and add some photos in the near future. Meanwhile, keep watching Tim Holtz' blog, as he is posting a monthly "challenge" to inspire all of us to keep trying new techniques. (www.timholtz.typepad.com.)

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