Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gelli Printing at AE
We have had two introductory classes so far, using these great Gelli Arts printing plates. It is tons of fun, with lots of experimenting going on as you learn.  We have been using the Dina Wakely heavy body acrylic paints, the Golden paints, the Deco Arts Americana paints, and the Tim Holtz Distress paints, as well as the Splash Inks. All of these paints are great, and there are more items we are adding to use with the Gelli plate.
The gel plates come in assorted sizes: 6x6 was the first, then 8x10 was added. Recently they have come out with a 12 x 14, for big prints, and an 8-inch round plate. The plates are a very sturdy quality and will last a very long time, when stored properly. We will teach you all about them in our class series.
Recently we have gotten in new stencils, some textured rollers, and texture plates, as well a lots more brayers. In the upcoming Intro classes, we will be making mini Art Journals with all the prints we make.  Future classes will include work on canvas, resist prints, crazy envelopes, and large size printing.

So far, the following classes are on the schedule:
Thursday, June 26-Intro to Gelli Printing, 11am-3:30pm  $44
We will use stencils and plates...everyone will receive a 6x6 gelli plate in class to take home, and we will make a mini Art Journal with our prints, with a bit of embellishing the book at the end of class.
Also, great news, the company is now making the plates in small sizes, 3.5 x 5 inches, and a 5 x 7 size...and, yes, they are on the way to the store now!!

Gelli Plates--Beyond the Print ,  Tuesday, July 8, 10am-1pm,  $45 ($35 for anyone who took the Intro and brings their plate)  Class includes a 6x6 Gelli Plate to use in class and take home.
We will be making some very cool resist prints, and clear prints, as well as crazy envelopes
. In addition, there will be a station with a large Gelli Plate and everyone will get a turn using this big style plate.

Gelli Printing Art Canvas Sunday, July 20, 1-4pm,  $40 (or $30 if you bring a gelli plate from a previous class)
Using our knowledge of the Gelli Plate, we will be creating 2 canvases, and then embellishing these with our paints and brushes. Each student will receive a Gelli Plate to keep. Wear an apron, and bring your acrylic paints, two brushes,  (a 1/2 flat, and a #8 or 10 round, or in this vicinity) A cup for water, a brayer

Intro to Gelli Plate Printing-Saturday, August 9, 11-3:30
Gelli Plates-Beyond the Print--Thursday, August 14, 10am-1pm

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