Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Halloween "Book" with Richele Christiansen

 I am following Richele Christiansem's blog,
to re-create her great Halloween configuration box. When you see it on her blog, you will realize how cool it is. She started on Monday of this week, and so far (I am writing on Thursday) there have been two lessons. In the first one, we cut the front of the book in the shape of a rickety house, as designed by Tim Holtz--Richele has a link to the pattern--and painted the box. In the second session, we covered the inner boxes...again, Richele has all the dimensions and directions...
I think when the project is broken up like this it is very doable. I will keep adding to mine and you can see the progress in the store...and who knows, maybe I'll even get more pics up here.

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