Monday, December 10, 2012

Updates, FINALLY!!

Here are some news tidbits for you all.
We have Laurie Mika scheduled to teach here on Friday and Saturday, July 19 and 20. Save the date, take the day off from whatever you need to do to get here for her great classes.
Here is the address of her website:

and here are some pics of lots of her work:

really! Save the Date!!

Another great teacher, Els, the owner and creator at Elisabeth Crafts, will be here in June on the weekend of the 8th (maybe the 9th, too.)  Elisabeth Crafts is best known for the use of her Glitteritz, Highlights glitter  colored with Copics, and grreat projects with Shimmer Sheets. Her classes always are filled with great ideas.

Be sure to check out the newsletters and calendar (finally updated ) for our upcoming events-- Birthday celebration--Fifteen years!!--in February, and starting any day now, the AE 12 Days of Christmas. read about it in the newsletter. (Link is below.)

Some new items here...
NEWSL DEC 7 NO 1 005  NEWSL NOV 30 NO. 7 001 NEWSL NOV 30 NO. 7 004
NEWSL NOV 30 NO. 6 001  NEWSL NOV 30 NO. 6 006
NEWSL NOV 30 NO. 4 005  NEWSL NOV 30 NO. 4 006
You can see more pics at the website photo album.

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