Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here are a few pics of the latest release from Tim Holtz' Idea-ology line. I will put more up over the next few days. You can see everything that Tim has shown so far by going to his blog, at http://timholtz.comha/ .We are doing pre-paid pre-orders here at AbsolutelyEverything, and we are offering a 15% discount for all pre-paid pre-orders, of these new items, (as well as of the items still to be posted). You can see the prices in the fine print with each picture. The offer will cover Tim's new items from Advantus, Sizzix, Stampers Anonymous stamp sets, and Ranger Tim Holtz products.  Keep your eyes on his blog as he unfolds the latest "must-have" art elements.

In order to "get" these photos, I had to promise Tim that I would give him Mr. Froggy,* or my first-born child...still thinking this one over.  
These trees are sooooo cool...I can see spraying them with all sorts of colorizers, adding Stickles, buttons, baubles, tinsel wrap...and just the right size for any kind of configuration box.....and those metal poinsettieas??....alcohol inks! plus acrylic paints, Copic markers...

ChitChat words are the best..they can go anywhere, on anything...there is always room for another word!

* Mr. Froggy is a very suggestive singer who takes the stage whenever Tim comes to teach here.  I think the actual deal was that I would "retire" Mr. Froggy....well, I have a one-word answer to that--it will never happen! 

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