Friday, December 16, 2011

Ten-Day Countdown to Christmas

We are having a crazy event now at the store. Every evening for the ten days leading up to Christmas, I send out an e mail with info about a super deep sale for the following day only. The next night, there is another e-mail. Today is day nine before the Day Eight notice is about to go out. If you sign up for the newsletter , you will receive all the notices. For example, today, we had Elisabeth Crafts glitter ritz on sale at 70% off. Again, it was a one-day deal. There is definitely an advantage to getting the newsletter!!
This is an in-store event..we are not able to run it with phone orders or online if you live nearby, there are people out there who are very jealous of you!
Tomorrow's announcement will be equally as astounding, so sign up for the newsletter by going to the link on this page, over in the left hand column, where it says "sign up for the newsletter."

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