Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Birdcage

I saw this sample in the catalog when I ordered these fortuitous!!

As mentioned in my newsletter of Sunday, August 21, these three new dies are here now. There are two different birds, and one cage. Here is how I made this project.

I used white water color paper, medium weight, cold press. I cut each bird once and the cage four times. To make the square cage, cut eight "1/4 inch" pieces, about one inch long, fold in half so the short ends meet, put double-sided tape on one side, the full length of the paper. (I use the same watercolor paper for this to make it less noticeable.) These will be used to connect the sides at the top and bottom--half the paper attaches to one side, half to the other side...only in the areas where the cages actually touch.

Bend all the tops over to meet in the middle and hold them together with a brad.

I used Studio Matte Medium, by Ranger, to glue the wings on, and double-sided tape to attach the feather, and to attach the birds to the cage. The cage is hanging by a white vine ribbon. We have all of this at the store.

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