Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glubers and Thick Felt!!

We have been playing with Glubers lately. This is a new product from Cosmo Cricket. At first I was thinking that it would be just as easy to puch a circle out of double-sided adhesive. Then I used a Gluber and saw the difference. What it is is a two-sided , huge glue dot, but one that is super-sticky and easy to work with, plus it is already cut into the shape you need. It comes in a pack of twelve, with three different sizes, or else you can get a whole pack of the medium size. Basically, you take off the protective covering, and set it aside.

Now you make your flower. We chose to use the very thick and gorgeous felt we sell here, with the Sizzix Pro die, as shown in the photo.

Once the flower is cut, you open it up and begin at the outermost end..I like to wind it around an awl, or a pencil tip, just to get it going. Once it is going, I don't need to keep the instrument there. With felt this thick, you don't even need a tool, you can just start winding it. The flower will start to form as you wind.

Every now and then, I turn it over and clip some of the points that form at the underneath part of the flower. I may do this once or twice as I roll.

As you get near the end, you can clip off that little round circle that is often used to anchor the flower to. At this point, just hold the flower over the Gluber, and press down.

There is a little re-arranging you can do, not much, but I usually just squish it all down nice and hard and it stays really well. We are using this technique in our Not-Your-Ordinary-Book-Club special project next Friday. If you would like to see the project, click the link. If you want to be surprised, then don't click!

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