Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Fits into the Configurations Boxes??

I took some photos of some of the items we have gotten in to the store that we thought would be fun to use with the configurations boxes. Today, I will focus on holiday items. I will post other theme-related items a little later. We have glittered reindeer, small and large trees, extras"ornaments" (pieces from a garland) for the trees, a sweet little bird on its nest, a few different wreaths, a cool santa (there is a photo showing him hiding behind a tree, in the box I was taught to make in a Tim Holtz class here at the store,) silver glass house ornaments, tiny glass vintage-like ornaments, candy canes, and a neat, color-changing tea light...In the first few photos, you can see how, with any of the trees, to make them fit in, you will need to trim half of the back off. Don't worry...none of this trimmed part is visible. As you can see in the photo, it allows the tree to sit back into the box.

It just depends on the size of the item you want to place in the configurations. Just remove some of the boxes. Other uses for the boxes that are removed??...add them to the outside of the configuration piece somewhere, or use as a separate ornament...anyway, its all fun. The tea-light isn't shown, but it will sit beneath one of the glass houses and cause cool reflections on the ornament. You can also hide the tea-light with a piece of garland, or even a photo printed on vellum or a transparency sheet (all things I learned from Tim Holtz.)

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  1. Ohhhhh... I want it all! I love all of the things you've collected!