Saturday, June 26, 2010

At our last Not-Your-Ordinary-Book-Club meeting, we did transfers on canvas...we all agreed that it was a great technique. Here are a few of the results...and, of course, since it is on canvas, you can use it in sewing, as well as other altered art projects...and, yes, since you asked, that is come pretty fancy scrapbook paper that we used for the transfers...
We put the paper, any scrapbook paper, (or anything that is NOT an inkjet copy...and if there are words, be sure you do a mirror image copy) face down onto the sticky side of the Claudine Helmuth Sticky-backed canvas, made by Ranger. Burnish well. Dip into water, and keeping it wet, "pill" off the paper with circular motions of your fingers---very important--keep the paper wet. Dry with your heat tool. When you do this, you will see some of the white paper particles show up quite boldly...if there is really a lot, re-wet and pill more of the paper off. Otherwise, cover the dried picture completely with a thin coat of Multi medium-the matte style...also from Ranger's Clauding helmuth line. This can also be dried with the heat tool...takes seconds. And you are done...really! Try this and let me know how it worked for you.

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  1. wow, that sounds like a lot of fun, I need to try that!!! too bad I didn't think to pick some sticky back up while Anne and I were there today.... *sigh* guess I have to make another trip to AE sometime soon!!