Monday, February 9, 2009

Richard Salley Jewelry Classes Here at AE

The samples have arrived for both of the April 25-26 jewelry classes with nationally known and travelled jewelry artist Richard Salley. We are delighted to have Richard coming to teach here in April, on Saturday, the 25th, and Sunday, the 26th. Each day class runs from 10-4pm.

On Saturday, he will teach us to make our own bezels...this is way cool...class will be $85 for the day, and on Sunday, we will learn enameling on metal...again...way cool!! The enameling on metal class is $90. They are both all-day classes. We will begin taking sign-ups now. I will post supply lists below. Here are the photos that Richard sent me. He comes highly recommended by both fellow artists, and students. Check out the photos!! (but really...come in and see the samples in person!!)

Basic Bezels for Found Objects
One of the challenges in making ‘Found Object’ jewelry is how to properly showcase the object and a bezel is often the best solution for this problem. In this class we will explore a variety of ways to make and use bezels. Whether paper, plastic, wood or metal we will find a way to make a bezel to frame your special object. You can then use the completed piece to create a pendant, or brooch…or combine several pieces into a necklace or bracelet.
Supply List: (Kate's note-I will have all the necessary supplies here for purchase before the class. You may call to reserve your supplies over the phone.)
--A variety of objects that you would like to set in a bezel (see the photos for some ideas)
--Quick-set (5 minute) 2-part epoxy– sold in 1 oz. tubes
--24 or 26 gauge copper or nickel silver sheet approx 6 inches x 6 inches. Choose nickel silver if you prefer the silver look, otherwise choose copper. (I don’t recommend sterling silver because of the expense. Learn with the less expensive materials and graduate to sterling later.)
--Flat and round nose pliers,
--Metal shears or tin snips
--Dividers (like a compass but without a pencil…just two pointed ends)
--Small butane torch for soldering (crème Brule variety will work nicely)
--Soldering pad or firebrick for soldering on
--2 Small plastic containers to hold water for quenching and pickle solution-
--Files, fine sandpaper, sanding block or Scoth-brite type pad for cleaning and polishing
--Small inexpensive brush for applying flux
Instructor will supply the following: Silver solder and flux, Pickle solution, Torches
Here is the info on the Metal Enamaling...along with a few photos.
Torch Fired Enamel on Copper Jewelry
Enameling is one of the oldest methods used for creating colorful designs on metal. In this workshop students will complete jewelry projects by way of fusing powdered glass enamel on copper. Techniques and skills covered in the class will include: surface preparation of metal, types of enamel, basic torch-firing, solders to use with enameling, use of holding agents, sifting enamels, wet inlay, enameling tools and supplies, along with safety considerations. Students should be able to complete a pendant, brooch and earrings similar to the example photos. If time permits, experimentation on additional projects will be encouraged. You will leave the class with new skills for adding color and drama to your own jewelry creations.
Supply list: Kate will try to have these elements for sale at AE.
--Sheet copper ( 22 or 24 gauge) approx. 6 inches x 6 inches minimum. (The enamel, copper wire, leather neck cord and miscellaneous supplies will be provided.)
Tool list:
--Basic jewelry making tools will be needed, including round nose and flat nose pliers, wire cutters (flush cutters recommended)
--Metal shears or tin snips
--Small hammer
-- Jeweler’s saw and #0 or #1 blades
--Bench Pin
--Bench block (bring something for dampening the hammering noise such as a shot bag or towel)
--Hand drill or rotary tool (like Dremel) with 1/16th drill bits and grinding attachments.

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