Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Holiday Festival...is over!

I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time this past weekend...special thanks to our guests, Tim Holtz, a man of many talents, and Mario Rossi, a jack-of-all-trades. We were treated to six fantastic classes, and three make-and-take projects at the Friday party. I will post pictures and directions of the three m&ts...as soon as I get my energy back. Hats off to my great staff for doing it all...more to come...


  1. Tim and Mario ROCK!!! It was a fabulous exhausting weekend...but a great kind of tired!!! Kate, as always, you and your staff gave us a most awesome TIM weekend!!!

  2. What a weekend!
    We had a BLAST! Tim as always was wonderful and Mario ...I love Mario! Two of the nicest people in the world! I had a marvelous time. Thank you Kate and all the staff for a perfect weekend. The food was great. The art was beautiful the merriment was such fun!
    ...When is Tim coming again?
    Love to all.

  3. to ALL-

    this past weekend was THE BEST!!!! i have never had the chance to take a class from tim prior to this weekend, and all i can say is...when does he come back?!?!? tim has got to be the most giving artist (yes artist) that i have met and mario is just amazing with all that he does. the classes were spectacular; yes, we got an "item" after each class, but it was so much about how to use product and look at things differently. i came home and had to re-arrange my scrap room!
    thank you again SO much for all of the fun

    sandy in nh

  4. A big "thank you" to Tim for a superb class, his enthusiasm and his humor, to Mario for his helpfulness and having all the supplies ready, and to Kate and the staff for hosting such a terrific weekend. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend plus I couldn't believe all the great items I came home with along with the excitement of having met Tim and Mario!! This was the highlight of my creating experience and I hope to take another class from Tim real soon.

  5. I loved the class, thanks so much for the bag and the candy... you're very generous and do a wonderful job, Kate.


  6. I WAS a T!m virgin, until this weekend!
    I'm so totally in love with everything....T!m, the project, the atmosphere and hard work by all! Thanks so much!
    aka The Craft Diva